EU fund Renovated South Moravian Railway Line

Renovated South Moravian Railway Line Inaugurated and Opened to Passengers


The South Moravian railway line has been inaugurated and opened to passengers following a renovation project involving 37 new electric units.

This investment, funded by the Cohesion Policy, is one of the biggest in Czechia, and aims to contribute to the de-congestion of traffic during peak hours in the busy South-Moravian railway, which transports approximately 22 million passengers every year.

Approved in December 2019, the project was funded with €223 million of Cohesion Policy funding from the 2014-2020 programming period, out of a total budget of €265 million. The reinforced railway system now offers new, modern rolling stock covering services on the two busiest regional rail lines around the regional capital Brno.

The new electric and energy efficient trains, with over 10,000 seats, replace obsolete and old vehicles, offering passengers safer, faster, and more comfortable journeys. Named after a variety of wine typical for the South Moravian region, each train is equipped with a modern European ETCS train security system, and will reach speeds of up to 160 km/h.

The Cohesion Policy funding has been instrumental in financing the renovation of the South Moravian railway line. Czechia has benefited from €25.7 billion of Cohesion Policy funding in the 2014-2020 programming period. The Transport Operational Programme, which is funded by the Cohesion Fund (€3.5 billion) and the European Regional Development Fund envelope (€900 million), has financed the renovation of the railway.

Looking forward, the 2021-2027 programming period will provide €21 billion of Cohesion Policy funding for Czechia to implement joint EU priorities such as balanced territorial development, fair climate, and digital transition, whilst supporting an innovative and inclusive social market economy.

The new Transport programme will continue to improve the transport infrastructure in Czechia, with a budget of more than €4.8 billion, including sustainable and safer mobility in Czech cities. Under this programme, the Cohesion Fund will make €800 million available for sustainable urban mobility, and building or renovating tram and trolley bus lines in major Czech agglomerations.

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