Russian Railways passenger numbers

Russian Railways Long-distance Passenger Numbers Down in March 2020

Russian Railways announced that 84.2 million passengers were transported in March 2020 on the infrastructure owned by Russian Railways, 13.4% less than the number of passengers carried in March 2019.

Suburban commuter passengers amounted to 77.7 million, a decline of 12.5%, while long-distance passengers were down 19.9% to 6.5 million.

Passenger turnover in March 2020 amounted to 7.1 billion passenger-kilometres, 18.3% less than in March 2019. Suburban passenger turnover fell to 2.4 billion pass-km, a decline of 11.9%, while long-distance passenger turnover was down21.3% to 4.7 billion pass-km.

In January-March 2020, 261.3 million passengers were carried, down by 0.7% compared to January-March 2019.Long-distance passengers fell 2.9% to 22.6 million, while commuter passenger numbers showed a decline of 0.5% to 238.7 million.

Passenger turnover on the network owned by Russian Railways decreased by 2.5% since the beginning of 2020 compared to the previous year and amounted to 24.3 billion pass-km.Suburban passenger turnover in January-March amounted to 7.3 billion pass-km, a decline of 0.6%, while long-distance passenger turnover was down 3.2% to 17 billion pass-km.

The Moscow Central Ring (MCC) carried almost 11 million passengers in March this year, 6.9% less than in March 2019. Since the beginning of 2020, it has transported35.5 million passengers, 8.3% more than in the first quarter of last year. In total, the Moscow Central Ring has carried nearly 450.7 million passengers since it began operations.

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