Dufry Opens New Store at Vitória Airport, Elevating Commercial Experience

Dufry, a leading global travel experience player, has officially opened its new duty-paid store at Vitória Airport following the signing of a ten-year concession contract with Zurich Airport Brasil.

The store, situated in the Departures area and spanning a total retail space of 350 m², welcomes the more than three million passengers who visit Vitória Airport each year. With a walkthrough format, the store aims to provide an exceptional shopping experience to travelers.

The newly opened store at Vitória Airport features a diverse range of core product categories, including perfumery & cosmetics, liquor, confectionery, and luxury accessories. Travelers will have the opportunity to explore renowned and globally recognized brands such as Chanel, Dior, Veuve Clicquot, Swarovski, Sunglass Hut, and Lindt. Additionally, a selection of fashion items, electronics, drinks, and groceries will be available, catering to a variety of customer preferences.

Dufry’s partnership with Zurich Airport Brasil extends beyond the Vitória Airport, as the two companies have successfully collaborated at Florianopolis and Belo Horizonte airports. Both Dufry and Zurich Airport Brasil share a common commitment to delivering exceptional service, offering a diverse range of products, and creating an appealing shopping environment for travelers.

Gustavo Fagundes, Dufry’s General Manager Brazil, expressed pride in being awarded the contract in Vitória and emphasized the shared values between Dufry and Zurich Airport Brasil. Fagundes stated, “Zurich Airport Brasil, a subsidiary of Flughafen Zürich AG, aims to be more than just an airport operator and is focused on connecting with the locations and cultures in which it operates, and on offering the best experience to its passengers in terms of customer service and facilities. These are values that Dufry also shares, and as the leading global travel experience player, we have utilized our extensive knowledge and expertise to deliver the best possible shopping experience to the three million plus passengers who visit Vitória airport each year. I also take this opportunity to thank the team at Zurich Airport Brasil for the trust they have shown in us.”

Ricardo Gesse, CEO of Zurich Airport Brasil, highlighted the positive impact of Dufry’s arrival at Vitória Airport on the commercial mix in the city. Gesse stated, “Dufry’s arrival at the airport raises the bar for Vitória’s commercial mix, as it brings brands and products that were previously not found in the city.” This expansion of available brands and products enhances the shopping experience for passengers, providing them with a unique opportunity to explore and purchase renowned luxury items and other retail products.

The opening of Dufry’s new duty-paid store at Vitória Airport not only solidifies the partnership between Dufry and Zurich Airport Brasil but also represents an advancement in the airport’s commercial offerings. Travelers can now experience a wider range of prestigious brands and products, elevating their overall airport experience. Dufry’s dedication to delivering exceptional service and creating an appealing shopping environment aligns perfectly with Zurich Airport Brasil’s vision of providing the best possible facilities and customer service to passengers.

As the number of passengers visiting Vitória Airport continues to grow, this new store will play a vital role in meeting their shopping needs and expectations. Dufry’s expertise in the global travel experience industry ensures that passengers will have access to a broad selection of high-end brands and retail items. The partnership between Dufry and Zurich Airport Brasil sets a benchmark for future endeavors, highlighting the importance of collaboration in enhancing the commercial offerings and passenger experience at airports worldwide.

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