How To Pick Your First Dab Rig

How To Pick Your First Dab Rig


Dabbing is a growing trend in cannabis consumption. It’s enticing to experienced users and beginners alike due to the unique and enjoyable experience. However, it can also be intimidating for first-timers.

Dabbing requires a dab rig, a bong-like tool to vaporize cannabis concentrates or potent extracts with high doses of THC. It can upgrade your cannabis experience by reaching a new level of delightful sensations.

Since picking a dab rig can be challenging, here are a few helpful tips to help you get started.

  1. Know Your Options

Knowing your options helps you find the dab rig that suits your needs. Since the dab rig’s function is to vaporize cannabis extracts, you can choose traditional ones or use e-nails and dab pens that do the job. To elaborate, here are some of the popular choices:

  • Traditional Dab Rig: A classic dab rig is typically made of glass. Like a bong, it has a water container for vapor filtration. With the traditional method, you must heat the nail using a butane torch and then apply your chosen extract for vaporization. However, you can also replace the conventional banger with an e-nail that heats up using electricity through a coil. This way, you can reduce fire hazards.
  • Electronic Dab Rig: An electronic dab rig works as functional as a traditional one. Their main difference is the use of electricity instead of a blowtorch. An e-rig also has a temperature gauge to heat the nail to a specific temperature. This type is a popular option among beginners due to its ease of use.
  • Dab Pens: Dab pens look similar to vape pens, but they’re designed for extracts like shatter, wax, and live rosin. If you’re looking for something easy to carry, dab pens are an excellent choice. However, the lack of filtration through water may give you a sharp sensation in the throat, which may be a bit uncomfortable for beginners.
  • Bong And Dab Rig Combo: Dab rigs are specifically created to enjoy potent THC extracts. While this experience can be euphoric, some cannabis connoisseurs still love smoking raw flowers through a bong. A bong and dab rig combo lets you enjoy the classic and new way to enjoy cannabis using one tool, making it a practical choice.

When picking from these options, it’s best to consider your needs and lifestyle.

Dab Rig

  1. Prioritize Quality

Always look for quality when purchasing a dab rig kit. While you can save on buying cheap ones, they can be prone to breakage and lead to higher expenses in the long run. As you start your dabbing venture, it’s best to invest in premium tools which are durable and long-lasting.

If you’re buying a traditional dab rig, focus on the quality of the base and the nail. The base should be made of thick borosilicate glass, which is heat-resistant. For the banger, experts suggest choosing titanium. While glass, ceramic, and quartz are excellent choices, titanium nails can retain the temperature better, which is crucial when using a classic rig.

Another tip is to buy from a trusted dabbing supplies shop, especially when purchasing electronic dab rigs or pens. Check out authentic customer reviews to find out their quality and durability.

  1. Select The Right Size And Style

One factor that makes dabbing more enjoyable is the flexibility to customize your dab rig kit. Dab rigs vary in size and style to suit your needs and preferences. You can also replace the nail and mouthpiece as you go along.

Size is crucial when choosing your first dab rig. Most experienced users suggest picking a smaller one for convenience and pleasure. Small dab rigs let you enjoy the potency and flavor of your chosen cannabis extract. The vapor travels faster, preventing immediate cooling and condensation, allowing you to maximize your stash.

For the style, you’re free to choose whichever you fancy. Some rig makers create the most artistic design you can utilize as an art display. However, it’s still best to prioritize function to prevent wastage.

  1. Get The Essential Accessories

Some shops sell a complete dab rig kit. However, the joy of dabbing includes customizing each part to your preferences. Therefore, it’s best to purchase other accessories as you get to know which works best for you. Some of these are the following:

  • Dab Nail: The nail or banger is the most crucial part of a dab rig. It’s where you apply extreme heat, so choosing a high-quality one is imperative. As mentioned, you can select a traditional dab nail if you’re following the traditional way or an e-nail for convenience.
  • Mouthpiece: When you dab, you press your mouth against the mouthpiece to keep the vapor from escaping. Therefore, choosing one with a comfortable shape and size is best to avoid wastage.
  • Dab Scoop: Cannabis extracts are precious. These highly potent concentrates are expensive, so minimizing wastage is a must. If you’re using waxes or extracts with butter-like consistencies, it’s best to use a dab scoop.

After getting all these accessories, you can start assembling your kit and try it for the first time.


Purchasing your first dab rig kit doesn’t have to be too stressful and complicated. Using these tips, you can pick the best one that suits your needs and style.

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