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Lagardère Travel Retail Brings Panda Express to Europe


Lagardère Travel Retail is bringing the family owned and operated Panda Express from the USA to Europe. On August 2, 2022, the first restaurant in Germany will open at Ramstein Air Base.

Working in close partnership with Panda Restaurant Group, Inc., the travel retail expert plans to grow the American Chinese dining concept in Europe and other military bases.

The first Panda Express is located in Europe right in the main hall of the KMCC Exchange Mall, Ramstein-Miesenbach. In an area of around 60m², guests can dine-in to enjoy Panda’s American Chinese classics or order takeout. The restaurant is only accessible to the 55,000+ employees of the air base, military personnel, and registered guests.

 “We are excited to bring Panda Express to Europe. Our opening of Panda Express at the largest military base outside the USA creates a completely new presence for Lagardère Travel Retail in Germany as well as internationally. And this is just the start of further growth in the fast-casual food service sector. In cooperation with our new strategic brand partner, Panda Express, and the Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES), we are thrilled to introduce the popular American-Chinese cuisine of Panda Express to additional U.S. bases in Europe in the future,” enthused Jochen Halfmann, CEO Lagardère Travel Retail Germany.

“We are thrilled to be entering the European market and opening the first Panda Express in Germany with Lagardère Travel Retail as our partner,” said Doug Stalgren, Vice President of Panda Express International. “Having a partner with shared values and focus on people and quality is key in integrating our Panda culture across all aspects of the business and for our future growth in the market. We also wish to acknowledge our Military guests and their families for their service and for their support of our growth. Our global Panda Family looks forward to bringing a memorable American Chinese dining experience to the community.”

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Trailblazing American Chinese roots

Founded in 1983 by Andrew and Peggy Cherng in Glendale (California, USA), Panda Express has since expanded to more than 2,400 locations worldwide, approximately 90 of them are outside the USA. In a little less than 40 years, the family-owned and operated company has grown to become the largest Asian dining concept in the world.

Panda’s American Chinese cuisine offers exciting dishes rooted in authentic Chinese flavor origins, married with American ingredients and authenticity. From the iconic The Original Orange Chicken® to health-forward WokSmart™ options like Broccoli Beef or premium Savory Shrimp, there are endless flavor combinations for guests to choose from.  To create the signature American Chinese flavor that Panda Express is known for, our chefs are trained in traditional wok cooking – handling an 8-pound wok over an open flame to achieve “wok hei”, or breath of the wok, which describes the sear and smokiness in the dish.

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