Earl the Skeleton Pipe

Top 4 Most Expensive Cannabis Accessories in the World

Smoking cannabis doesn’t have to be an expensive habit. Even where the substance is still illegal, its price is very low compared with most other drugs, and growing your own plants from autoflowering cannabis seeds purchased online makes your smoke both high-quality and dirt-cheap. And legalization seems to only drive prices down.

Weed paraphernalia may also cost next to nothing, for example, if you smoke from a pipe made out of an apple. But why not bring a bit of high life to this hobby? Some people take this idea to the extreme and create weed accessories so expensive that you need to be uber-wealthy to buy them. But they are also works of art, and admiring them will cost you nothing. So let’s take a look at a few items costing upwards of 6 figures.

“The Throne” Bubbler

This collaboration of a team of renowned glass-blowers was sold for a record-breaking one with six zeros at an auction in 2019. This is (and is likely to be) the most expensive smoking device ever bought. Although the substance meant to be smoked with it is benign, this bubbler is death-themed and is a composition of bones and skulls, and there’s also a diabolical goddess sitting on the two-foot throne. You need to remove the skulls from the top to reveal the mouthpiece, and the action of a large percolator ensures a superb smoking experience.

Earl the Skeleton Pipe

This masterpiece is a contender to the throne as when it was first exhibited at an art gallery in Watertown, Massachusetts, it was offered at the same 1,000,000 dollars as the first luxurious piece on our list. The reason it’s so expensive is that it was blown using the fillacello technique which allows the creation of intricate, grid-like designs with colors worked through the entire body. The bong can be disassembled into 8 different parts. Six of them are dab rigs and the other two are regular pipes. By comparing this work of art to an actual skeleton, you can see that it’s anatomically correct.

Sedna, a Sea Monster

This fully functional bong doesn’t need a holder and can stand on its own. At first blush, it could be mistaken for something assembled from a LEGO set or a kind of a Transformer toy, but it’s actually blown glass. With such an intricate design and attention to detail, no wonder this bong costs $300,000. The closer you look, the more things you notice – like all those underwater creatures, fish, and seaweed.

Hayabusa Satellite

Priced at $110,000, this water pipe is a model of a satellite. It stands on a tall holder and seems like it’s floating in space. Every part of Hayabusa is made out of tinted glass, and you can spend hours admiring each fine detail of its out-of-this-world design. Getting high with this bong is almost like buying a ticket to a space flight – the price is exorbitant.

Gold Encrusted Skull Bong

Blowing glass is a skill with a notoriously steep learning curve and a lot of work hours going into every piece, but the job of a jeweler is also time-consuming and the result may have a similar price tag. Especially when the material used is gold. This functional bong – or shall we say hookah pipe? – costs about $100,000, and its creator claims he spent 500 hours working on his masterpiece. The bowl on this bong is in the nose area and the two long and flexible hoses for inhaling smoke are attached to the back of the skull and resemble Rastafarian braids.

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Photo credit: Helpingpot

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