WhaleFin Atlético de Madrid

Amber Group Becomes the Official Global and Main Partner of Atlético de Madrid

Amber Group, a leading global digital asset platform, will be the Official Global and Main Partner of Atlético de Madrid, as part of the company’s landmark five-year partnership with the football club.

Starting from the 2022/2023 season, Amber Group will also be the exclusive Official Digital Wealth and Digital Lifestyle Partner of Atlético de Madrid, aligning the company’s mission to responsibly democratize digital finance innovation with the universal reach of football.

As Amber Group accelerates the growth of WhaleFin, its consumer business globally, the company will benefit from significant branding exposure, extending the influence of Atlético de Madrid from the stadium and into the metaverse. This season, WhaleFin – Amber Group’s flagship digital asset platform that offers cutting-edge, institutional-grade investing tools to all – will appear on the front of the team’s game kits.

WhaleFin will serve as the preferred digital asset gateway for Atlético de Madrid’s fans and will redefine the football fan experience in the metaverse. Amber Group will have exclusive rights to establish “Atletiverse”, a virtual island supported by Openverse, the company’s Web3.0 enablement platform for creators, brands and businesses. Fans can expect one-of-a-kind fan experiences for the club’s fan community. Fans will be able to engage with like-minded fans from all over the world in the metaverse, and discover the utility of digital assets in both the virtual and real world.

Additionally, Amber Group will work closely with the Atlético de Madrid Foundation to implement sustainability-focused initiatives and corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects. This is in line with WhaleFin’s founding ethos as a platform where everyone can invest in a sustainable future together. Together with Amber Group, WhaleFin will partner the Atlético de Madrid Foundation to support public education campaigns around sustainability and conservation, and fund key initiatives and research projects in the region.

Michael Wu, Chief Executive Officer of Amber Group, said: “This multi-year partnership is a monumental moment for Amber Group, and we are proud to be partnering with Atlético de Madrid, one of the top football clubs in Spain and Europe. This partnership celebrates our shared values in teamwork and community-building which are resonant in both the world of sport and crypto finance. As we continue to work towards a more connected and inclusive global economy that promotes fair opportunity for all, we look forward to democratizing financial innovation and to creating opportunities for everyone to start on their digital asset journey.”

Miguel Ángel Gil, Chief Executive Officer of Atlético de Madrid, said: “Today is a significant day for the future of Atlético de Madrid, as we join forces with a global leading company in the digital finance space. This partnership aligns with our desire to evolve digitally and being able to offer better, more superior digital experiences to our fans. We wholeheartedly believe that Amber Group is the perfect partner to achieve this and I would therefore like to thank its CEO, Michael Wu, for his trust and commitment to our club.”

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