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Best Winter Sports to Bet On

With winter season blasting at us at full speed, we reached out to Gilfred Helmonsen (learn more here), to introduce us to some of his favourite winter sports to bet on, and to tell us, what makes these disciplines so attention-grabbing and worth the bet.

Norwegian betting sites are full of wonderful betting options. For me, this is the most wonderful time of the year, and I wish punters outside Nordic would also consider the immense potential these sports have”, says Gilfred.

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Fast. Full of great action. Somewhat aggressive. It is not surprising to see hockey being at the very top of the list of the most popular winter sports to bet on. The most notable league is, of course, the NHL, and the biggest event of the year is the Stanley Cup, but if you ask Gilfred, there is more to this sport than betting on big ones.

“Smaller, especially Central European leagues are full of underdogs surprises and players who are not afraid to do some hard-core checking. It’s wild”, Gilfred is thrilled.

Alpine Skiing

Another popular category is Alpine skiing. What sets it apart from other sports is the mere variety of disciplines. Gilfred describes it as “athletics on snow”, and says most of the categories have a meditative effect on him.

“Slalom and downhill are my two favourite skiing disciplines. Slalom, because it is rhythmical, and downhill because people who do it are maniacs. Can you imagine going downhill on nothing but two boards attached to your feet, wearing almost no protective gear, but a helmet? You go ahead, I’ll stay safe and bet on who’s gonna come out of it alive”, jokes the betting expert.

Alpine Snowboarding

“Alpine snowboarding is the cooler younger brother of alpine skiing. Although I can’t help but fall in love with freestyle, I think alpine snowboarding is much easier to bet on. It is precise, and easier to follow, especially for beginners and people who have no clue about snowboarding. And honestly, who does”, Gilfred wonders.

And rightfully so, because snowboarding is one of the newest sports out there. It was invented in the 1960s, but hit the mainstream only 3 decades later, in the late 1990s, after being introduced as an Olympic sport in Nagano. 

Ski Jumping

If going downhill on skis or snowboarding is not exciting enough for you, Gilfred suggests something even more obscure – betting on ski jumping. He recommends it to all analytical punters out there who can’t get enough of facts and math equations.

“You have the slope, the wind, the athlete, sunny skies, grey clouds – all of this and then some, adds to the successful betting equation. Ski jumping is not a sport for those not willing to put effort into it, both on the ramp, and on betting sites”, honest is the betting specialist.

Nordic Combined

Finally, last, but not least, Gilfred mentions Nordic combined, however, he admits, it is probably not a sport meant for everyone. Judging by his words, it is a betting niche, even in Nordic countries, yet that doesn’t make it any less interesting. And what is it exactly?

“Nordic combined is a sport that is actually two sports in one: cross-country skiing and ski jumping. I believe it is now obvious why Scandinavians can’t get enough of it. The main reason we love it are the complex rules, as well as the beautiful sights that accompany every single competition and race. We definitely appreciate a good view”, added Gilfred jokingly at the very end.

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