FIFA 2026 World Cup announcement

FIFA World Cup 2026 Final to be Hosted at New York New Jersey Stadium

The iconic New York New Jersey Stadium has been confirmed as the host venue for the FIFA World Cup 2026™ final on Sunday, 19 July 2026.

This decision marks a significant moment in sports history, as the stadium is set to welcome the final match of the largest-ever FIFA World Cup, 104 games featuring 48 teams played across 16 host cities in three countries: Canada, Mexico and the United States.

As the full FIFA World Cup 26 match schedule is announced, the selection of the New York New Jersey venue for the final event underscores its reputation as a premier destination for major sporting and entertainment events.

FIFA World Cup 2026 Final at The New York New Jersey Stadium

The New York New Jersey Stadium, known for hosting the titans of the NFL, is poised to become the centerpiece of the international soccer community in 2026. This announcement brings the spotlight to a venue that has, over the years, been a home for not just American football but also significant soccer matches, including the Copa America Centenario Final in 2016.

With its versatile history of hosting events ranging from major sports finals to concerts featuring A-list performers like Bruce Springsteen and Beyonce, the stadium is set to add another feather to its cap with the FIFA World Cup 2026™ final.

The stadium, a multipurpose marvel since its opening in 2010, has been the battleground for sports legends and now looks forward to welcoming the world’s soccer elites.

The FIFA World Cup 2026™ promises to be the most inclusive tournament yet, expanding to 48 teams and spreading across three countries, with New York New Jersey Stadium playing a pivotal role in this historic event. This selection highlights the venue’s significance in the sports world, bridging past achievements with future aspirations.

Football’s rich history in the New York New Jersey region, from Pele and the Cosmos in the 1970s to hosting FIFA World Cup matches in 1994 and the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 1999, showcases the area’s deep connection with the sport.

The region’s commitment to football is also evident in its support for three professional teams and a vibrant youth football scene, expected to grow in anticipation of the World Cup. This event is not just a celebration of football but also a testament to New York New Jersey’s longstanding tradition of hosting world-class sports events, further solidified by the FIFA World Cup 2026™ final.

FIFA World Cup 2026 Host Cities

FIFA World Cup 2026 will welcome millions of fans to 16 iconic, world-class venues in unique cities across Canada, Mexico and the USA: Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Guadalajara, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Miami, Monterrey, New York New Jersey, Philadelphia, San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Toronto and Vancouver.

Canada will host the FIFA World Cup for the first time in 2026, nearly 40 years after it first started hosting FIFA events and 11 years after the country welcomed the world to one of the most successful FIFA Women’s World Cup™ tournaments ever in 2015. Mexico will become the first nation to stage the FIFA World Cup for a third time, as the country previously hosted unforgettable editions in 1970 and 1986.

Meanwhile, 2026 will mark the second time that the US men’s national team will walk out for FIFA World Cup matches on home soil, with the 1994 tournament across the USA living long in the memories of football fans.

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