Horse Racing

Here’s Why Horse Racing Should Be Your Next Favorite Sport

Horse racing is one of the oldest and most celebrated sports in the world. This sport has brought entertainment to many countries for hundreds of years.

Today, horse racing is still a regulated sport event with weekly playoffs and quarterly cup championships all year round.

With that said, here are some reasons to like horse racing and why it should be your next favorite sport to watch, play, or both!

A Timeless Crowd Favorite

The concept of horse racing dates back to early civilizations. The evidence found by historians shows that horses are often played and raced around by tribespeople for competition and enjoyment. This further developed to an early arena-style racing in Greece when they used horses to race while pulling wheeled carts called chariots,

Through this, chariot racing was born and contributed to the early concept of betting. It also served as an asset to military power in battles. As time progressed, horse racing became a favorite sport when it was introduced in the United States. By the1900’s, few states have pioneered the regulation and legalization of horse betting to aid the economy,

Today, horse racing still tops as the primary contributor to the country’s economy and has become a billion-dollar industry that remains relevant regardless of time.

An Affordable Thrill for Small Time Bettors and Watchers

Despite being a billion-dollar industry, horse betting is accessible to almost everyone because it is affordable to play and watch.

Since it is heavily regulated and often occurs in a month, you can watch a local horse racing event for a small fee. Most of the time, you’ll be getting more than what you’ve paid for because of the thrill and energy being shown in the audience. More than their betting game, you can buy affordable wagers with decent chances of winning it.

That is why there’s always great fun and excitement in horse racing. It is one of the most affordable means to enjoy and win cash prizes. So if you want, you can check next year for the next horse racing kentucky derby championship, one of the most significant, most prestigious racing events you can participate in and play without putting a dent in your wallet.

Thoroughbred Racehorse Names Are Taken Seriously

Suppose you have researched enough about horse racing and its industry. In that case, you might start seeing quirky names like Kelso, Seabiscuit, or Citation. These are seasoned racehorses that often compete in major racing events, but did you know that these names are not random pickings but carefully evaluated selections made by the Jockey Club.

It was a common misconception that thoroughbred names are plain random or to make it sound quirky. In reality, naming a thoroughbred is a lengthy registration and approval process before taking the name and making your horse a professional racer. When a horse is undergoing a naming process, its holders have to submit at least six names to choose from, and these names have to follow a specific set of protocols.

One is that names should be shorter than eighteen characters in length and should not be based on a known racetrack and in an existing name. Aside from that, names are also based on pronunciation and punctuation before getting approved.

Racehorses Enjoy the Best Life Has to Offer

There is a common misconception against the industry that competitive horses are being treated and trained unethically in harsh environments. Unfortunately, a lot of these claims are unsupported and mere hearsays.

The reality is that all racehorses enjoy the best healthcare. Trainers invest millions of dollars in food, happiness, and peak physical health through top-of-the-line equipment, feeds, and supplements. 

In general, thoroughbred horses live well and often live way past the average mortality rate.  A racehorse’s well-being centers on proper nursing when born, being cared for by their mothers, and giving them free will to graze on open fields. Moreover, their owners offer them safety and protection from diseases, predators, and parasites.

This results in a happy and well-cared horse that has experienced the joys of life by experiencing human care and developing mutual trust. Conversely, a horse will not work with the jockey if there’s no intimate connection between them, as horses are known to retaliate and will show signs that it is abused or neglected.

Final Note

There is a lot of misconception about the industry because of misinformation. But the industry has thrived through time because of the ideals they follow. Horse racing has stood its ground and helped countries raise their economy.

The industry contributed through their regulated betting system and the development of the best competitive and ethical practices to train horses without taking away their animal rights and privileges. With its integrity and passion, this industry should be your next favorite sport.

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