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Horse riding abroad: dos and don’ts

Horse riding holidays are becoming increasingly popular nowadays, especially with the outstanding variety of locations to consider.

Antalya airport set a record for the most daily flights this June, and the abundance of horse riding facilities on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast is a principal reason why. With picturesque landscapes and a rich tradition of horse riding, many people flock here to get their fix.

Despite the tremendous fun you can have horse riding abroad, there are some clear dos and don’ts that you must consider. You may put yourself in real danger without following these, so keep reading for the lowdown.

Do: pick the best breed

Choosing the right horse breed is an undervalued part of horse riding abroad, especially if you are somewhere with a strong history concerning a certain breed. Taking this into account can also help with riding comfort or enjoyment. For example, smaller people or kids will fare better with a breed like a Shetland pony.

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On the other hand, breeds like an Arabian thoroughbred are perfect for advanced riders looking for a muscular and speedy horse. Experts in sourcing Arabian thoroughbreds through exhibitions, competitions and demonstrations. Visitors can also use the online forum, founded in 2008, to discuss various topics surrounding Arabian thoroughbreds.

Don’t: wear the wrong clothes

Wearing the wrong clothes is a major don’t when horse riding abroad. There’s nothing worse than realizing your clothes are inappropriate during a ride. At best, it can be uncomfortable, and at the worst, it can be genuinely dangerous. It’s an even more important thing to consider abroad, where you may not have easy access to a different set of clothes.

Don’t wear trainers or wellingtons, as they can slip through the stirrups, and make sure you have a comfortable pair of trousers on to soak up impacts. In hot regions such as Turkey, loose-fitting, cotton-based clothing is advised to keep you cool.

Do: ask for help if you need it

There is absolutely no shame in asking for help while horse riding abroad. Don’t be afraid to do so, as it can make the difference between an enjoyable time and an incredibly stressful experience. Furthermore, horse riding can be extremely dangerous if you aren’t comfortable with the basics, so don’t be embarrassed to ask for assistance.

Even if it’s just getting some help mounting and dismounting, it will be worth it. Most horse riding facilities abroad will be more than happy to assist you. Horse riding isn’t quite like riding a bike, so everyone will need help from time to time.

Don’t: ride without insurance

Going on holiday without travel insurance is a terrible idea as it is, but make sure your plan covers horse riding if you’re planning on doing so. Serious injuries are possible while riding horses, even if you take all the care in the world, and riding without insurance is tempting fate. Holiday insurance covering horse riding will be more expensive but it’s more than worth it.

It’s also important to have public liability horse riding insurance. This will save you from any serious financial repercussions in the unfortunate case that you injure a member of the public. We cannot express how important horse riding insurance is, especially abroad.

Do: research the horse riding facility

Doing your research is essential if you want to enjoy the best horse riding facilities abroad. You wouldn’t want your holiday ruined by a below-par horse-riding establishment, especially if its attitude to customer safety is worrying. Luckily, countless online resources can help you find the best horse riding center possible.

It’s most certainly worth taking the time to do some proper research before booking the horse riding leg of your holiday. This is even more important if horse riding is the whole purpose of you going abroad. Don’t be lazy – a little research can go a long way!

Don’t: lie about your skill level

This is not the time to exaggerate your skills. Lying about your horse riding skill level is tempting if you want to be allowed to explore on your own or experience the thrill of a high-speed gallop. Unfortunately, it is also extremely dangerous. Make sure you are clear and honest about your skill level. Otherwise, you might find yourself without help at a time when you need it most.

This is one of the most important don’ts when horse riding abroad. Take a look at the resources online for more horse riding travel tips.

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