Rolex Middle Sea Race Malta

Malta to Host 41st Edition of the Rolex Middle Sea Race

On October 17th, 2020, Malta, an archipelago in the Mediterranean, will hold its 41st Rolex Middle Sea Race.

This iconic race features some of the world’s most premier mariners on the most high-tech vessels in the sea. With a wide range of contestants from Chile to New Zealand, the international appeal of the Rolex Middle Sea Race makes the race even more compelling. 

Many consider the Rolex Middle Sea Race as one of the most beautiful racecourses in the world. This race is a 606 nautical mile-long course starting and ending in Malta. Although the route may seem simple, with the varied wind and sea conditions, it makes for a tactical challenge even for these experienced crews. 

“We are delighted with the size and diversity of the fleet in the circumstances,” noted Peter Dimech, the Principal Race Officer.

“At the moment, we have every hope of getting the race underway as planned despite the headwinds we face.”

The headwinds are coming from various directions.

“In terms of the operational elements, we are closely following guidelines issued by the World Health Organization and the Malta Health authorities, and also World Sailing, who have provided considerable best practice advice generally and specifically for offshore races,” explains Dimech.

“We are also looking at the best practice of other national federations to ensure we are adopting a comprehensive approach.”

Safety Measures for Visitors to the Rolex Middle Sea Race

Due to Covid-19, there are new restrictions and guidelines to follow for safety measures. There will only be one access point to the club. Before entering, your temperature will be checked and masks are required for entry. The club is offering free disposable masks for visitors if needed. 

Malta has produced an online brochure, which outlines all the safety measures and procedures that the Maltese government has put into place for all hotels, bars, restaurants, clubs, beaches based on social distancing and testing. 

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