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Southern hemisphere Women’s Rugby World Cup to open the door for more Tests

There are only a few sports today that women do not compete in. Whether it be football, tennis or rugby, women’s interest and strides in sports are for all to see.

Australia and New Zealand are the only two unions which are bidding to host the next women’s World Rugby Cup in 2021. The bids were submitted a month ago and the only thing is to wait. The announcement will be made on November 15.

Earlier on, England, France, Portugal, and Wales had shown interest to contend for the tender. However, only the two unions submitted their bids. If you are into sports betting, and have tried betting on your favorite matches online at Betway88 Thailand, you would know that the Women’s Rugby World Cup is one event that many are looking forward to.

All About the Women’s Rugby World Cup

The World Rugby Union has always attracted the northern hemisphere countries. For instance, it last took place in Ireland.  So, if Australia gets to win the bid then it will be the first time the Southern Hemisphere will host the event. The union is planning to expand the event outside the European market to make it more competitive.

Ireland in 2017, gained 45 million views on video with a total of more than 70 million views. The event was a success attracting more than 58% new fans. If any of the two unions are selected they are hoping to topple 2017 standards.

Jilly Collins, the Rugby Australia head of women’s rugby, remarked that they are hoping to bring more countries down south. Earlier this year in August, the Wallaroos played the Black Ferns for the Bledisloe Cup in two doubleheaders. This was the first Test since they had played in Australia in 2008.

It was visible that the Australian women’s rugby team had much improved since the last world rugby cup. The format at which they played helped to improve the success rate of the team.

The doubleheaders exposed the women’s team for more Tests. However, there have been claims by New Zealand claims that the Australian union is not ready to host the World Rugby Cup.

The Black Ferns claimed that they were not treated right and the treatment had a political background. This because the two teams had to warm up in an adjoining field as the ANZ stadium was being preserved for two Test matches. They believe that the move was discriminatory because the men’s team warmed up in the ANZ stadium.

However, Australia refuted the claims as malicious.

The Wallaroos have continued to garner media attention since the two doubleheaders. The union is under pressure of moving the women’s game to be its own product.

If the bid is a success for Australia, then they will have the chance to grow their rugby. The World rugby will be more competitive, but we just have to wait until November 15. Are you excited about it too?

Photo credit: David Rogers/Getty Images

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