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The Best Spots to Watch and Bet on Sports in Reno, Nevada

Planning a trip to Reno? There are plenty of fun things you can do in the Nevada-based city. You Can checkout Lake Tahoe—the most beautiful lake in the state. And while there, you can ski, take photos or boat ride.

Another way to savor the beauty of Reno is by visiting the Fleischmann Planetarium & Science Center. You could also have fun watching air races. But if you’re a sports fan, make a date with one of these sportsbooks in the city:

1—Rail City Casino

Rail City is every sports fan’s dream casino. Nestled on the western side of the Sparks Victorian Square Area, Rail City Casino is an inviting establishment with something for everyone.

It has nearly 900 slot machines, seven table games and a sportsbook software supplied by William Hill. That means you can bet on just about any sport in the US and a handful of sporting events from around the world.

William Hill is famous for providing competitive odds. So, you can rest assured you get good returns for your bucks, whether you bet on football, baseball or hockey. Use a Bovada Casino bonus.

In case you plan to spend the night in the casino, have no worries. Rail City has reasonably prices hotel rooms and restaurants. The staff is kind and friendly. But some people might dislike the casino for its quiet atmosphere.

2—Atlantis Casino

Although Rail City is a nice quiet casino, it doesn’t beat the quality of services provided at Atlantic Casino Resort. This AAA Four Diamond award-winner has demonstrated time and again it’s the best place to have casino fun in Reno and its environs.

It has a near perfect rating after being reviewed by in the site’s sports betting in Reno NV guide. But what exactly makes Atlantis such a good casino? For starters, it has services targeting different players.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can book a room starting at $90. If you want to experience the best of Atlantis, you need to increase your budget to $150 for Concierge Tower rooms.

That being said, Atlantis excels in all other services it provides from food to sports betting. Needless to say, Atlantis also provides a wide range of slots and table games. Keep in mind, though—Atlantis is a high-end establishment, so expect slightly higher prices compared to competing casinos.

3—Peppermill Reno

Locate west of the Reno-Tahoe International airport, Peppermill is yet another top-rated casino loved and cherished by bettors and revelers alike. It’s a beautiful place, with friendly staff, delicious meals and a wide range of sports for betting.

It also features a sports bar with gigantic TVs mounted on all walls. If you like betting while also watching games, therefore, Peppermill is the place to visit. The best part: Peppermill is incredibly spacious.

It makes good use of this space by providing all the amenities you can expect from a casino. To expound more, Peppermill has 1600+ hotel rooms, a spa measuring 33,000 ft. and a convention hall measuring over 10,7000 square feet.

4—Grand Sierra Resort and Casino

Grand Sierra is an optimally located casino best suited for people who love sports. It’s a walking distance from the Tahoe International Airport and a 10-minutes’ drive from the Tahoe National Forest.

That being said, this casino features a plethora of gaming rooms, luxurious suits and lots of sports activities. From a bowling alley to go-kart racing, simulated skydiving to pool tables, you can have endless fun with your sports loving friends while in the casino.

Importantly, Grand Sierra supports sports betting. If you want to place a wager on baseball, basketball, soccer or hockey, visit the betting area. When it comes to food, Grand Sierra serves a range of meals in buffets.

You can also play slots and table games like blackjack and poker in this casino. However, there are complaints most games have relatively high minimum betting amounts.

5—Silver Legacy Resort Casino

Looking for a quiet place to watch and bet sports in Reno? Silver Legacy Resort and Casino could be the place you’re looking for. Equipped with an outdoor pool, sauna and jacuzzi, Silver Legacy knows how to put you in a relaxation mood before you get to its sports bar.

It also features a fitness center, a coffee machine, restaurants and free WiFi. In other words, you could wager research on games while in your room and later head to the hotel’s lounge to watch your favorite team.

6—Club Cal Neva

Originated started to be a hotel, Club Cal Neva later turned into a casino as Reno grew into a gambling haven in the early 2000s. In all fairness, this casino has had its fair share of closures and takeovers.

All the same, Club Cal Neva is a beautiful casino with hundreds of games, restaurants, guest rooms and a sports bar. Although not as popular as Atlantis, Club Cal Neva is a top-rated establishment.

Visitors love its array of delicious meals available 24/7, its sports bar with endless deals and numerous betting markets provided by William Hill. That includes in-play betting—betting while matches are ongoing.

7—Eldorado Resort Casino

Located in downtown Reno, Eldorado Resort Casino is one of the many casinos owned and operated by Caesars Entertainment. As such, you can expect to have a quality, Caesar-like experience, whether you want to watch football or play a round of slots.

Armed with 278 guest rooms, you don’t have to leave the establishment to take a rest. In fact, there are numerous things you can do while at Eldorado. For example, you can check out the cars at its showroom. Or you could savor the drinks brewed in-house.

If you’re more interested in gambling, you’ll be glad to known Eldorado Casino has more than 200 slot machines, nine table games and all manner of betting markets. Eldorado is also jam-packed with useful amenities, from a swimming pool and sauna to free WiFi and fitness center.

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