Bitcoin Sportsbook In Canada

The Incentives Available For Punters Who Play On Bitcoin Sportsbook In Canada

There are several ways top sportsbooks provide both old and new customers with the best betting offers.

Nowadays, betting is not all about making deposits and placing bets; punters want to enjoy other fascinating benefits. However, now these sportsbooks must be willing to bring something to the table to remain relevant to bettors.

Platforms like Bitcoin bookmakers are currently one step ahead with this idea. Therefore, betting with cryptocurrencies is now rampant among Canadian punters. However, sports betting is not the same as casino gambling as there are differences in how these two are approached.

As many bettors might have seen, sports betting can be very unprofitable, especially if they are greedy or not careful. Therefore, betting platforms must offer specific packages to help gamblers minimize their losses and keep them happy. This article will discuss the incentives for Canadian punters who gamble on Bitcoin sports betting sites.

Perks of Wagering on a Bitcoin Sports Betting Site

Betting with crypto is now an everyday occurrence in the Canadian gaming industry. With Canada’s prominent pioneer in using digital currency for payment, the need for a crypto sports betting site is vital.

However, many Canadian gamblers are unaware of the benefits on these bookies, and those who believe are very skeptical of their operations. Therefore, with these perks listed below, we hope to quell that skepticism.

● Stress-free Deposits and Withdrawals

Making transactions should not be as stressful as other bookies made it out to be. Deposits and Withdrawals should be straightforward and be done in the twinkle of an eye. In addition, most bettors must have had one or two payment issues when betting on fiat currency bookies. Undoubtedly, this reduces the likelihood of the customer returning to that site.

When gambling on crypto sports betting sites, transactions are instantaneous and done in the twinkle of an eye. Besides, Bitcoin, like all other cryptocurrencies, is believed to have quicker processing times than fiat currency. Also, Bitcoin is still a developing currency, and its transaction speed is expected to be faster shortly.

● The Anonymity of its Players is Ensured.

Having your betting history or transaction details out in the open is not safe for a bettor. It could lead to unforeseen issues like your credit card being hacked or your personal information being stolen. Also, these transactions are processed by your banking institution, which is then credited to your bank statements. Therefore, this information could be detrimental when requesting credit or loans.

In contrast, crypto sports betting sites do not require any of your credit card details or banking information. Instead, their transactions are cryptocurrency-based, so the main thing needed is just a crypto wallet.

Therefore, no paper trail could lead to the address of any institution. In addition, this ensures complete anonymity from all related activities as there would be nothing to tie you to their sites.

● Proven Customer Support

Crypto sports betting sites have a proven track record of providing reliable customer service for their customers. Therefore, the issue of slow and unresponsive customer care representatives is almost non-existent. Furthermore, Bitcoin sports betting sites have so many methods their customers can request help.

Some available methods include a 24/7 live chat feature, request a call feature, social media messaging, and phone call options. Therefore, with these available choices, bettors can choose their most preferred and get their issue settled in seconds.

● No Chargebacks or Commission Charges

Payments done by many fiat currency online betting institutions are processed through third-party payment gateways. These external parties usually have a charge attached to each transaction.

Therefore, for every transaction you attempt, there is a specific fee you would have to pay. Also, some payment platforms charge based on percentage, so for transactions involving significant amounts, these charges could be quite much for transactions involving substantial amounts.

Crypto sports betting sites do not require the involvement of any third-party payment institution. As earlier stated, the main requirement needed is just a wallet address, and these transactions do not have charges attached. Therefore, Canadian bettors can avoid paying excessive amounts for their transactions.

Other Benefits Available for Canadian Punters who play on Bitcoin Sportsbook Sites

The need for motivation cannot be understated in the sports betting industry. The tendency for bettors to get easily riled up is high. So with these incentives offered, it brings calmness to bettors. Therefore, we will discuss the Incentives made available to Canadian punters on crypto sports betting sites.

The main incentives Canadian punters get are bonuses and rewards. They are the most common way to encourage bettors to continue on their platform, and it also helps minimize bettors’ losses. Furthermore, there are different kinds of bonuses these bookies offer, and they are all for the benefit of their customers. A few of these bonuses punters could get include:

● Weekend Bonuses

Sports events mainly occur during the weekends, and Bitcoin sports betting sites offer their regular customers specific benefits during this period. These offers may depend on the bookies’ choice and may include free bets on particular weekend games, or you may be rewarded with a specific amount to use on any weekend game.

● VIP Bonuses

The top Bitcoin sports betting sites usually offer the VIP bonus to bettors who consistently place bets with high amounts. However, it may be tough to get as it involves staking high.

Nevertheless, it is worth it at the end of the day. Other bonuses bettors could get include the deposit bonus and Esports bonuses. Also, it is essential to know that these bonuses vary from bookie to bookie as they do not offer the same rewards.

Lastly, other incentives that crypto sports betting sites make available are high odds and multiple gaming options. Besides, it is not a secret that most punters always go for the bookies with the highest odds. Therefore, punters are getting the best out of Bitcoin sports betting sites with many sports markets to choose from and quality odds attached.

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