The Ringer’s 2023 NFL Draft Guide

The NFL Draft is one of the most anticipated events in professional football, where teams select the top college prospects to join their ranks.

As fans eagerly await the upcoming draft, The Ringer’s 2023 NFL Draft Guide provides a comprehensive analysis of the top prospects, team needs, mock drafts, sleepers, and much more.


The introduction section of The Ringer’s 2023 NFL Draft Guide sets the stage for the article. It highlights the importance of the draft, the impact it has on teams, and the excitement surrounding it.

Top Prospects

The top prospects section, with a comprehensive analysis of the best players available at each position. Within each position subsection, experts evaluate the top players, examining their strengths and weaknesses, and assessing their potential impact in the NFL. The evaluation process takes into account various factors, including college performances, statistics, combined results, and individual workouts, ensuring a thorough assessment of each prospect. Additionally, considering the NFL odds further adds excitement and anticipation to the draft analysis. By weighing the perceived value and potential of these prospects, teams make informed decisions, maximizing their chances of success in the draft and future NFL seasons.


This subsection focuses on the quarterback position, highlighting the standout prospects expected to make an impact in the NFL. It discusses their college careers, playing styles, and their potential fit with specific NFL teams.

Running Backs

The running backs section delves into the top running back prospects in the 2023 NFL Draft. It evaluates their running styles, agility, receiving abilities, and their potential to become dynamic playmakers at the professional level.

Wide Receivers

In this subsection, The Ringer’s 2023 NFL Draft Guide analyzes the wide receiver prospects. It examines their route-running skills, speed, catching ability, and overall potential to become go-to targets for NFL quarterbacks.

Offensive Linemen

The offensive linemen section focuses on the prospects who protect the quarterback and pave the way for the running game. It assesses their technique, strength, footwork, and ability to anchor the offensive line.

Defensive Linemen

This subsection highlights the top defensive linemen in the 2023 NFL Draft. It discusses their pass-rushing skills, ability to stop the run, and their potential to disrupt opposing offenses.


The linebackers section provides an in-depth analysis of the prospects who excel in defending both the run and pass. It evaluates their tackling ability, coverage skills, and football IQ.


In this subsection, The Ringer’s 2023 NFL Draft Guide examines the top cornerback prospects. It analyzes their coverage skills, agility, ball-hawking abilities, and their potential to shut down opposing wide receivers.


The safeties section focuses on the prospects who provide the last line of defense in the secondary. It evaluates their range, tackling ability, ball skills, and their potential to make game-changing plays.

Draft Order and Team Needs

This section provides an overview of the draft order and identifies the needs of each team. It discusses the positions that teams are likely to target in the draft based on their roster and performance in the previous season.

Mock Draft

The mock draft section presents a projection of how the 2023 NFL Draft could unfold. It provides insights into which players are expected to be selected by which teams, taking into account team needs, player rankings, and potential trades.

Sleepers and Hidden Gems

In this section, The Ringer’s 2023 NFL Draft Guide uncovers the sleepers and hidden gems in the draft. These are the players who may not receive as much attention but have the potential to surprise and make a significant impact in the NFL.

Draft Strategy

The draft strategy section offers an analysis of different approaches that teams might employ during the draft. It discusses strategies such as prioritizing immediate needs, selecting the best player available, and potential trade scenarios.

Combine Results and Player Metrics

This section focuses on the results from the NFL Combine and other player metrics that teams consider during the evaluation process. It examines the significance of these measurements and how they can influence a player’s draft stock.

Team Analysis

The team analysis section provides an in-depth analysis of each team’s draft needs, potential targets, and the impact the draft could have on their roster. It evaluates how well teams have addressed their needs in previous drafts and predicts their likely approach in the 2023 NFL Draft.

9. Draft Day Trades

In this section, The Ringer’s 2023 NFL Draft Guide explores the possibility of draft day trades and their potential impact on the draft order and team selections. It discusses historical trade patterns and potential trade scenarios for the upcoming draft.

10. Impact of College Football Season

The impact of the college football season section analyzes how players’ performances during their final college seasons could affect their draft stock. It examines the significance of bowl games, playoff performances, and other factors that may influence teams’ evaluations.

11. Player Interviews and Workouts

This section highlights the importance of player interviews and individual workouts during the pre-draft process. It discusses how teams assess a player’s character, work ethic, and overall fit within their organization.

12. Evaluating Player Performance

The evaluating player performance section provides insights into the different metrics and methods used to evaluate a player’s on-field performance. It discusses statistics, film analysis, and other factors that teams consider when assessing a prospect’s potential in the NFL.

13. Scouting Reports

The scouting reports section offers detailed reports on individual prospects, highlighting their strengths, weaknesses, and overall potential at the professional level. It provides a comprehensive assessment of each player’s skills and how they translate to the NFL.

14. The Ringer’s NFL Draft Predictions

In this section, The Ringer’s 2023 NFL Draft Guide presents its predictions for the draft. It offers insights into which players are likely to be selected early, which teams might make surprising moves, and how the draft could unfold.

15. Conclusion

The conclusion section summarizes the key points discussed throughout The Ringer’s 2023 NFL Draft Guide. It emphasizes the significance of the draft in shaping the future of NFL teams and showcases the excitement and anticipation surrounding the event.

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