Aruba and SITA Introduce Digital Travel Credentials

Aruba and SITA Introduce Digital Travel Credentials for Seamless Passenger Experience

SITA, the premier IT provider for the air transport sector, in collaboration with the Government of Aruba, has successfully implemented verifiable digital credential technology. This innovation eliminates the need for travelers to present their physical passports upon arrival in Aruba.

The announcement was made during a keynote discussion at the ICAO TRIP conference in Montreal. Jeremy Springall, SVP of SITA AT BORDERS, and Andrew Hoo, Director of Immigration for the Government of Aruba, emphasized the significance of Digital Travel Credentials (DTC). This technology allows travelers to securely generate a digital version of their physical passport on their mobile devices, adhering to the standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

After a series of successful trials with the digital identity or DTC, co-developed by SITA and its partner Indicio, the Aruban government is keen on permanently adopting this digital identity system for verifying visitors. This move positions Aruba among the pioneering countries worldwide to implement such a system.

Earlier in March, it was demonstrated that travelers landing at Queen Beatrix International Airport could streamline their travel authorization process. This system eradicates the need to input information from paper-based travel documents manually. With the DTC, passengers can willingly share pertinent data directly from their digital wallets on their mobile devices to various entities throughout their journey, ranging from the government at entry points to other service providers like hotels or car rentals.

Hoo emphasized Aruba’s commitment to enhancing the traveler experience. “Tourism is the backbone of our economy, and we aim to simplify the immigration process for our visitors,” Hoo stated. “The DTC offers a solution where entry is as straightforward as a facial scan, ensuring our security requirements are met. This is merely the beginning of our digital evolution. Our goal is to ensure that visitors feel they’re on vacation from the moment they set foot on our shores.”

Springall added, “The inception of Digital Travel Credentials marks a monumental shift in the travel sector. This innovation will radically simplify travel procedures, enabling governments to pre-approve passengers, ensuring they arrive at airports ready to fly. Identification will be as simple as a facial scan.”

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