Beekeeper is now available for Australian Hospitality Industry

Technology 4 Hotels, a leading technology provider to the hospitality industry, has been appointed as the Australian Hospitality channel partner for Beekeeper.

Beekeeper is the multi-award winning operational communication platform for connecting a hotel’s non-desk workers across locations and departments. In 2018 Beekeeper was awarded three top technology honours including; Most Innovative Hotel Technology at HX 2018, The Most Innovative Technology of 2018 by HTNG and the HITEC 2018 E20X “People’s Choice Award” 2018 by HFTP.

The global hospitality industry is doing a good job of leveraging mobile technology to enhance the guest experience. What isn’t being addressed is how to harness the power of mobile to share real-time company information with the 1.9 million front and back-of-house hotel employees who don’t sit at a desk or have a company email address. These frontline hotel employees make the biggest difference in each guests’ stay, and there’s never been a better time for hoteliers to invest in ways to inform, connect, and empower them with digital tools to continue to provide exceptional service.

A common challenge faced by most hotels is ensuring frontline staff that are in direct contact with hotel guests receive the right information in a timely way. Notice boards with printed material and Daily Communication Sheets posted in staff areas are no longer an effective way to communicate with employees who are working different shifts and may speak different languages.

By digitising workplace communications, hotels can make the biggest advances towards improving the guest experience, by improving the employee experience that is so critical to providing the best service, all while creating strong employee engagement and reducing turnover.

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Beekeeper is designed to engage all employees including non-desk workers in a modern way who typically do not have a company email address; It gives them a voice, breaks down silos between departments, recognises them for doing an outstanding job, creates loyalty, and drives job retention. The happier employees are at their jobs, the more guest loyalty and satisfaction scores improve.

Brendon Granger, Director of Technology 4 Hotels, comments “Working shoulder to shoulder with hoteliers to enhance the guest experience is why we exist. We are delighted to have been chosen by Beekeeper to be their Hospitality partner in Australia. Beekeeper is the #1 Employee Communication App and I believe it will allow any hotel who uses it to take both the Employee and, in turn, the Guest Experience to the next level.

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