Colombia tourism promotion on social media channels

Colombia Starts International Promotion on Social Media

ProColombia launched a communications strategy in eight markets that play a key role in Colombia’s tourism industry with the slogan ‘Let’s take care now so we can meet again soon.’

With videos in Spanish, English, and Portuguese broadcast on media outlets and on social media across eight countries, ProColombia launched a new international strategy that aims to retain interest in Colombia as a tourist destination.

“Our first message to the world is ‘Let’s take care now so we can meet again soon.’ We want to express our solidarity and empathy to our friends and partners in the tourism industry and our hope to stay in touch with both Colombians residing abroad and international travelers, whose interest in Colombia as a tourist destination has been growing in recent years,” stated Flavia Santoro, ProColombia president.

The message—shared on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as on the website—has reached 19.8 million people in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Ecuador, the United States, Mexico, and Peru.

On YouTube, the video has 800,000 views. The English-speaking countries with the most views are the United States (52.5%) and Canada (32.5%). The Spanish-speaking countries leading the number of views is Mexico (28.7%), Argentina (22.4%), and Peru (17.5%).

Santoro also explained, “ProColombia is working to play an active role in the solution and finding and exploring opportunities with all tourism stakeholders, so we can be prepared when we overcome this hurdle and restrictions are lifted. We are confident that by working together, we can help the industry regain its strength and quickly get back on track.”

She also added, “This specific action is part of the strategy led by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Tourism in Colombia to support and protect the tourism industry.”

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