Expedia's Fall Release 2023

Discover Expedia’s Fall Release 2023, New Features and Products

Expedia Group™, a pioneer in online travel solutions, has introduced its Fall Release 2023, a comprehensive collection of groundbreaking features and products.

This release is set to redefine the way travelers explore, plan, and collaborate, offering swift AI-generated responses to a myriad of travel inquiries.

Transforming Travel Planning and Discovery

The release heralds the introduction of the Trip Planner, a first-of-its-kind feature that revolutionizes travel planning by enabling travelers to collaborate on group getaways directly within the app. This feature is a part of Expedia’s endeavor to simplify travel planning and enhance user engagement.

Additionally, the release brings forth EG Labs™, a unique platform where consumers with a passion for travel and technology can engage with and test early experimental beta products. These products are at the forefront of travel technology, offering a glimpse into the future of travel.

AI-Driven Solutions for Enhanced User Experience

Included in this release are amenity and property answers, utilizing advanced generative AI to sift through extensive traveler reviews and property details, providing quick and accurate responses to member queries within the app. This AI-driven approach ensures a seamless and informative experience for users, addressing their specific needs and preferences.

Peter Kern, Vice Chairman and CEO of Expedia Group, highlighted the company’s relentless pursuit of innovation, leveraging cutting-edge technology like AI and machine learning to address and resolve traveler pain points effectively. “Our new intelligent discovery and planning features are designed to address traveler pain points, allowing our members to easily plan, book, and enjoy travel across our three flagship apps,” Kern stated.

Dynamic Features for Comprehensive Insights

The Dynamic Travel Guides feature provides invaluable insights into hotel prices, optimal weather conditions, and crowd levels for the most frequented cities globally, all conveniently accessible within the app. This feature, coupled with the generative AI-powered conversation tool, assists travelers in identifying the ideal neighborhood to stay based on their unique interests and preferences.

Expanding the Horizons of Travel and Technology

EG Labs is poised to be a game-changer, serving as the travel industry’s inaugural open space where early adopters in the U.S. can explore, test, and provide feedback on pioneering beta products like Project Explorer. This product, powered by generative AI, facilitates the discovery of new places and trip types through curated options based on various factors such as interest, location, time of year, and budget, enriching the travel planning process.

Enhancements for Partners and Travelers

Expedia Group™ is also rolling out features focused on improving experiences for partners, such as Vrbo on Rapid API and More Ways to Pay, enabling partners to offer enhanced property options and payment flexibility, fostering loyalty and user satisfaction.

The release also introduces Sustainability Features and Traveler Engagement tools, allowing partners to display property and room-level sustainability details and promote additional travel products at key points in the traveler’s journey, catering to the evolving needs of environmentally conscious travelers.

Supporting High-Value Traveler Attraction

New functionalities like Seasonal Vacation Rental Cancellations and Creators Toolbox are introduced to support partners in attracting high-value travelers by allowing Vrbo hosts to customize their cancellation policies according to seasonal trends and enabling affiliates to generate custom links to drive conversion.

Expedia Group’s Fall Release 2023 is a monumental step in the evolution of travel technology, offering a suite of innovative solutions designed to elevate travel experiences for users and partners globally. All the features and products included in this release will be available on the Expedia app, Hotels.com app, and/or Vrbo app by the end of 2023, marking a new era in travel planning, discovery, and collaboration.

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