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Etihad Airways invests in Adobe

Abu Dhabi based Etihad Airways has announced a new strategic partnership with global technology leader, Adobe. The partnership will see the roll-out of a range of world-class cloud solutions across Etihad Airways businesses and Etihad Airways Partners.

The partnership is a key enabler of the aviation group’s strategic vision to offer a superior digital service by deploying cloud-first initiatives for its businesses and its guests.

With Adobe Marketing Cloud and Creative Cloud, the airline group and its partners are empowered to create a secure, cost effective and remarkable digital guest experience. Additionally, the technology will enhance the airlines’ digital marketing capabilities to provide tailored and personalised services across the globe.

Adobe’s solutions will enable a superior digital experience for guests including full self-service capabilities using digital devices. It provides a truly tailored offering of products and services, and greater convenience for guests as they interact with Etihad Airways and its businesses on their chosen device. Companies across the group including Etihad Airways, Alitalia and Air Berlin are already using Adobe technology, and will benefit from the group wide approach.

Etihad Airways and its partners will use Adobe’s capabilities across Guest Experience, Global Loyalty, Cargo, Direct Sales, Marketing, Social Media and other areas of their businesses.

Peter Baumgartner, Chief Commercial Officer for Etihad Airways, said: “The aviation group’s digital presence not only plays a vital role in establishing our brand leadership, but is also critical to the business vision. Our digital transformation plans will also be deployed in the new Midfield Terminal at the airline’s hub at Abu Dhabi Airport. This will include improvements to digital signage and mobile tracking capabilities to enhance services for guests.”

Adobe is globally recognised as empowering businesses to deliver the right communication at the right time to the right person, across all channels. The partnership will enhance the airline’s capabilities to create tailored offerings for its guests, through a deeper understanding of their travel preferences and how they like to engage with the airline.

The partnership also delivers enablement training for hundreds of Etihad Airways employees and those of its partners who will be involved in the digital transformation of their businesses. The training will provide an opportunity to boost the wider digital skillset of staff in areas such as analytics, cross-channel campaign management and social media measurement from the headquarters in Abu Dhabi.

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