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Explore cities with Triposo’s new Apple Watch app

Today, Triposo has released its first Apple Watch app, which takes the same approach as the popular travel guide it accompanies. It helps you wander around the location you want to explore, and it notifies you when you are close to interesting places.

“We wanted to use the Apple Watch for a while before we decided what to build. I like the Apple Watch, but I don’t often open apps on it to actively look for things. If you are going out of your way to look up information, you might as well get your phone out of your pocket. But the Apple Watch is an amazing device if it gives you the right information at exactly the right time. So that’s the approach we’ve taken.” Richard Osinga – founder or Triposo

The new feature is set up in a way that you can also use it if you don’t have a watch. In Triposo every Mini Guide and City Walk now has a “Track” button, which sends you notifications when you are close to one of the places. If you wear your watch they will arrive on your watch, and all the information you need is displayed there. If you don’t have an Apple Watch you will get a notification on your iPhone and you can open the right page in the Triposo app from there.

The Apple Watch App is not Triposo’s first experience with wearable tech.

“A while back we built had a lot of fun with our Travel Belt. It was a belt that gave you directions using buzzers that were built into it. The belt wasn’t 100% serious, but the idea behind it was, and still is. When you travel you want to be able to look up, not at your phone. You want to explore, you want to wander around. That idea is behind this watch app too.” Richard Osinga – founder of Triposo.

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