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Here is Why You Should Go in for an LG Home Theater?

In this day and age, you would think a home theatre was redundant. Why would you want one with a smart TV? The answer is simple.

A home theatre from top brands like LG, Sony and Samsung — available at great discounts and lowest EMI offers on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store — gives you the experience of watching movies without having to go to a physical theatre. This immersive experience is unbeatable relative to the one you get watching films and shows on a smart TV without a home theatre attached. As home entertainment appliances get better and bigger in terms of more advancements with each new season, you need one even if you have the smartest television. For instance, what is an HD or 3D television set without a sound system that doesn’t give you a vivid and realistic experience of sound?

Why Choose LG?

A home theatre system is made up of multiple different speakers that give you an experience of viewing a film or a show akin to that of an actual cinema. LG is a South Korean electronics and appliance company that makes a number of gadgets and home appliances, preferred by many for its durability and innovation. Consequently, LG home theatres are popular. No matter what the LG home theatre price may be, consumers will buy it as the brand is known for quality control and superb after-sales service. Moreover, it is an affordable brand, and with zero down payment facility on select models at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, you can make purchases of home theatres even more affordable.

A Wide Variety

The selling point of an LG home theatre is that the brand makes available a huge range of speaker sizes. If you are a music enthusiast, you’d probably understand how sizes of speakers contribute to the overall sound experience. This is not the case with many home theatre brands and is a feature of the LG home theatre system that makes it stand out from the crowd. Most home theatre buyers love this aspect of LG’s entertainment system as you can customize your home theatre experience, and have the flexibility to combine the speakers you need to meet your space and individual preferences.

More About Speakers, Woofers and Subwoofers

From the brand, you can get 2.1 home theatre systems to 7.1.2 home theatre entertainment systems. The bigger your home theatre space is, the better will be the sound quality of the speakers. For that enveloping audio at the most basic level, you should go for a 5.1 channel system where speakers are concerned. Here, ‘5’ indicates the number of speakers that stand in the front right and front left, centre, and rear left and right. The ‘.1’ is the subwoofer. This is responsible for emanating the bass when you view and hear explosions and other special effects appearing on your screen. Furthermore, the subwoofer also has another role to play in flushing out low effects. You can also position more than a single subwoofer in your space for a seamless and smooth bass effect. The most basic LG home theatre price may be affordable with this speaker setup. Something to take note of is that woofers are nothing more than specialized speakers, delivering a wider frequency of sound. The subwoofer is always positioned on the floor and provides a narrower sound frequency. In an LG home theatre system, the combination of both these gives you optimal surround sound.

LG has You Covered

A home theatre by LG gives you dynamic woofers in speaker systems that deliver powerful sound. Woofers by LG have a double layer of coils that produce a broad spectrum of sound, from the quietest whisper to the loudest thunder. Woofers in an LG home theatre system are capable of providing treble, bass and middle-range sounds. Further enriching your sound experience in an LG home theatre system is the LG subwoofer, configured to give you the lowest frequency sounds, thereby balancing your immersive sound experience. Subwoofers in an LG home theatre add depth and bass that is heavy whether you are watching movies or listening to music. Additionally, a home theatre by LG gives you an AV channel that is a component of your home theatre system to receive input. LG’s AV channels are robust and receive signals, interpreting and processing them rapidly before transmitting them to speakers. In an LG home theatre, you get wired and wireless AV receivers and you can opt for different surround sound modes like Stereo, Dolby Cinema Sound, Live Cafe and more.

Live the Movie

 If you want to live the movie from the comfort of your home, you can buy home theatre systems from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. With discounts and cashback offers of up to 5,000 INR, you can well afford any home theatre you want. You can purchase the home theatre with your Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card and purchase the item on No Cost as well as Lowest EMIs.

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