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How Live Casinos Revolutionized The World Of Online Casinos

Online casinos have, without a doubt, revolutionized the world of gambling. Gone are the days when one would need to drive miles just to go to his favorite land-based casino in order to satisfy his cravings for gaming.

Now, all it takes is a boot-up of a computer or a download of an app to a mobile device and there it is–you can now play your favorite casino games right at the comfort of your own device. Not only that, in the same way that you can win real money in a land-based casino, you can also win real money in playing online casino games.

However, there is a further innovation in gambling from online casinos–the introduction of live online casino for US players. From having just computer-controlled games, online casinos now offer live games with real people as game dealers.

Here are some of the reasons why live casino games are way better than the traditional online casino.

No worries of cheating or rigging

This is probably one of the most significant differences of a live casino game with a live dealer from a computer-controlled game. Players have more peace of mind when playing a game with a live dealer.

Computer-generated online casino games, however, are also safe from rigging or cheating–those that are legal and regulated by the government, at least. The software that is used in these games works under an algorithm called random number generation, or RNG. RNG is the reason behind the results that these computer-generated games give to players.

Think of online slots, roulette, and the card combination results of a blackjack game. These are all given through RNG. Since they are random results, there is no way for any payer to discern a pattern to a game–thus, leaving no possibility for cheating or rigging of the game.

Up close and personal

No matter how flashy or colorful the graphics and animation of an online casino game is, nothing can beat having a real human play with you. You can only have this level of being up close and personal in live casino games.

Sure, seeing digital cards get shuffled by a computer-generated cartoon character is cute and all, but having a real lady deal the cards for you is still a better and more pleasant experience. In the same way, seeing the ball in a game of roulette roll and slowly stops to a spot is way more exciting than just waiting for a digital ball to finds its spot on the wheel.

More entertaining

Most live online casinos games feature good looking men and women dressed in elegant clothes and in full, glamorous makeup. This is definitely a pleasing sight to the eye and is definitely more appealing no matter how cute a computer character is.

Also, live casino game dealers, since they are real people, have emotions. They have a real and spontaneous sense of humor that is more entertaining than a pre-programmed dialogue of a computer-generated game dealer.


Most live casino games with a live dealer also feature a form of interaction–be it with the live dealer, or with other fellow players.

These methods may include a live video feed that is shared with other players, a live chat where the live dealer reads and answers with messages and questions, or live audio messaging.

This is yet another feature of live casino games that is not present in computer-controlled games that run in automated software. In those games, the player plays alone and even if they are playing with other players, there is no interaction among them.

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