LG Technologies for the Hotel of the Future

LG Showcases Cutting-Edge Technologies for the Hotel of the Future at AHLA Hospitality Show

The 2023 AHLA Hospitality Show, held at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas from June 27-29, is abuzz with excitement as LG Business Solutions USA presents their latest innovations tailored for the hotel industry.

Attendees visiting Booth #1224 can immerse themselves in the world of futuristic hospitality, experiencing groundbreaking technologies designed to enhance guest experiences and streamline hotel operations.

Among LG’s standout offerings is the remarkable LG CLOi ServeBot, the world’s first UL3300-certified autonomous commercial service robot. With a maximum carrying capacity of 66 pounds, the ServeBot navigates seamlessly between tables and kitchens, providing efficient and consistent food and beverage deliveries. Equipped with a 10.1-inch full-color touchscreen, the ServeBot interacts with customers, displaying menus, specials, videos, and even sporting a friendly digital robot face. Its adjustable shelves, convenient menu storage, and autonomous guiding capabilities make it an indispensable asset for restaurant staff.

In public areas like lobbies, the LG CLOi GuideBot takes center stage. Greeting guests with its friendly 9.2-inch LG LCD “face” display, the GuideBot provides maps, menus, suggestions, and interactive content through dual 27-inch LG touch screens. Utilizing advanced technology such as a high-quality microphone, 3D camera, and 18 sensors, the GuideBot effortlessly navigates busy spaces and engages users with captivating visual and auditory effects. This engaging and informative robot alleviates staff workloads while enhancing the overall guest experience.

LG also showcases their latest offerings in in-room hotel televisions—the Pro:Centric Smart UM777H series TV and the UN560H series Pro:Centric Enhanced UHD TV. The Pro:Centric Smart UM777H series TV, available in 50-, 55-, 65-, and 75-inch screen sizes, boasts an ultra-slim LED design with a mere 1.2-inch depth and frameless appearance. Integrating the Pro:Centric Smart IPTV platform, this top-tier TV supports LG’s system integrator partners’ interactive entertainment solutions, content streaming through Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, and popular streaming apps like Netflix. With improved performance and LG’s webOS 23, the UM777H series delivers an unparalleled viewing experience.

For hoteliers seeking comprehensive content management, the UN560H series Pro:Centric Enhanced UHD TV is an excellent choice. Supporting LG’s Pro:Centric Direct, this TV empowers hoteliers with simple editing tools to remotely manage and customize TV interfaces. With vibrant colors and lifelike picture quality, the 4K UHD UN560H series, available in 43-, 50-, 55-, and 65-inch screen sizes, offers an immersive in-room entertainment experience.

Both TV series integrate LG’s embedded Pro:Idiom© digital rights management solution, ensuring secure access to premium channels and movie content. Notably, LG’s smart hotel TVs are set to be the first commercial television sets to support Apple AirPlay, providing guests with seamless connectivity when it launches in select hotels later this year.

Chris Barton, national account manager for hospitality at LG Business Solutions USA, emphasizes the transformative impact of these technologies. By leveraging automation, hotels can enhance guest experiences while simplifying workloads for staff. From autonomous robots delivering food and providing recommendations to customizable in-room entertainment, LG’s innovations pave the way for the hotel of the future.

As attendees explore LG’s offerings at the AHLA Hospitality Show, they witness a glimpse of the possibilities that lie ahead. LG Business Solutions USA continues to drive innovation, revolutionizing the hospitality industry and setting new standards for guest satisfaction and operational efficiency. The event serves as a testament to LG’s commitment to creating a seamless and unforgettable experience for hotel guests worldwide.

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