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Sabre Corporation Introduces Lodging AI to Revolutionize Hotel Booking Experience

Sabre Corporation, a leading software and technology provider powering the global travel industry,  has unveiled its latest innovation, Lodging AI. As a part of the Sabre Travel AI™ suite, this introduction aims to reshape the lodging sector by amplifying the features of Content Services for Lodging.

Lodging AI stands out as a tool for travel agencies to optimize their hotel attachment rates, paving the way for additional revenue streams. With the help of machine learning models from Sabre Travel AI™, it provides a personalized touch to hotel bookings by assessing various factors like property features, customer segmentation, and traveler preferences. This analysis ensures travelers receive recommendations that align closely with their likelihood to book.

Garry Wiseman, Sabre’s Chief Product Officer, emphasized the potential of combining AI with intricate data insights. “AI-driven solutions, complemented with user preferences and profiles, can streamline the travel booking process substantially,” said Wiseman. He added that Lodging AI, a product of Sabre’s strategic collaboration with Google, enables agents to present travelers with tailored choices, ensuring utmost relevance.

Two pioneering micro-services have already been launched under Lodging AI:

  1. Alternate properties: If a desired property isn’t available, this service suggests up to 20 similar alternatives.
  2. Cross-sell: For air bookings lacking hotel reservations, this feature recommends appropriate lodging options.

Accessible via Content Services for Lodging APIs and Sabre Red 360, Lodging AI equips Sabre clients with tools to maximize traveler value and drive profitability by integrating travel options seamlessly. Corporate travel managers can also enhance their oversight and reporting capabilities, while travelers receive an assortment of choices tailored to their preferences.

Andres Pelaez, CEO and Co-Founder of Ultra Group, applauded Sabre for their continuous innovations. In collaboration with Sabre, Ultra Group is set to introduce cutting-edge AI integrations, offering AI-guided hotel suggestions based on flight schedules, thus enhancing user experience and efficiency.

Leveraging advanced AI technology from Google, Sabre Travel AI™ epitomizes the strength of the 10-year strategic alliance between Sabre and Google. Sabre’s commitment to embedding this intelligent technology into its range of solutions promises unique, tailored content for its users, unlocking new avenues for revenue and growth.

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