Tesla Arcade

Tesla is Introducing Casino Games to its Arcade Feature

Creating unique and entertaining products that are also very practical is definitely the company’s niche.

Tesla cars have become a symbol of luxury ad adventure and the company shows will likely continue to maintain its status as one of the most popular and innovative companies in the entire industry. The latest feature that the company has rolled out exclusively in China concerns the Tesla Arcade – which is an entertainment dashboard placed in the middle of the driver and the passenger seat and offers numerous streaming services, games, puzzles chat apps and much more. This feature is already available to most of the countries that carry Tesla cars, but the latest edition to the feature is that it will now also offer online casino games to the passengers. Tesla has partnered up with Tencent, the biggest developer in China to deliver these services. It has been said in the Tesla press release that the casino games will include Mahjong and variation of poker, most likely Texas Hold’em or Pot-Limit Omaha. Tencent already has a poker game developed, so we will likely see that version in Chinese editions of Tesla Arcade.

China and its precautions with gambling

While this move is definitely innovative and will open up a new market for casino games, it is also quite a controversial decision on Tesla’s part because the Chinese government isn’t in favor of gambling venues. Gambling is largely illegal on the mainland, so those who want to visit casinos have to turn to social apps and remote casinos, among with some free casino games that are accessible to the public.

But the industry experts are saying that since this sort of entertainment is offered exclusively to adults by Tesla it won’t get much pushback from the government.

While the move is still somewhat risky, it is also very in tune with the demands of the Chinese market. The demand for such games is definitely very present in China and Tesla will likely become a medium for those who love to gamble to engage with casino games in the comfort of their own Tesla. Another very important feature of the Tesla Arcade is that it can only be accessed when the car is parked, preventing any distractions and accidents on the road. You can also connect the arcade to the wired game controllers to play in the car. Overall it looks like a perfect entertainment unit for a car.

Why China is a perfect market for this launch

China has a growing upper class that likes to invest in luxurious experiences and objects. Tesla is a perfect car for someone that fits this description.

While this new feature is just launching in China, for the time being, it is possible that we will see the same addition to Tesla Arcades across different countries.

The crackdown on casinos in China greatly affected the population and their relationship with gambling. While most of them still do engage in casino games, it often requires too much effort on the player’s part. This new feature could potentially create a brand new market for the casinos and could actually earn Tesla great loyalty from its users. The feature will roll out soon enough, so we will see whether or not the innovative company gets into any trouble with the Chinese authorities.

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