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The Best Games That Will Teach Your Kids How to Develop Apps and Programs


The field of IT is open to everyone. Programming in elementary school takes place in visual constructors using graphics blocks, making education as fun as playing at a Canada live casino.

Here are games that will replace online programming courses for children and help master the basics of development in the shortest possible time.


Roblox is often used in game programming courses for children. On this game platform, the child learns the basics of programming for children 8 years old in the uncomplicated language Lua: loops, arrays, variables.

Students design landscapes and characters, come up with three-dimensional games with mazes and obstacles.

MIT App Inventor

Even complete beginners can create a shooter game or a practical application such as a translator or calculator, thanks to easy-to-follow instructions. Algorithms of commands are specified by graphic blocks.

The visual development environment is in the “cloud”: it allows for sharing – it will be fun to implement the game with a friend. After the project is installed on a cell phone.

Code Karts

Races for fans of tasks on logic. The goal is to get the car to the finish line of the racetrack, solving tasks and exploring the basics of development.

You can play alone or against your device, you won’t get bored: Code Karts has 70 levels.


The robot, guided by the player, traverses levels and lights up the tiles. The student gives the robot commands – step, turn, jump, turn on the light, and thus speeds up the achievement of the goal.

Twenty levels in the puzzle are free, 50 are paid. The number of cells increases from time to time, and the choice of commands decreases.

The game will help you master basic development terms: loops, algorithms, conditional statements.


Scratch, like Roblox, is used in computer programming courses for children.

This visual constructor is easy to learn: bright blocks play the role of commands. By moving them, a schoolboy sets an algorithm of actions. The Scratch programming language is simple and accessible for 2nd grade – with its help students get acquainted with coding intuitively.

At the site, children become authors of games, cartoons, and slide shows. Children draw and “animate” sprites, voice projects and develop menus, program sprite moves and story development scenarios.


In this 3D puzzle game, a robot moves through locations and collects energy to reach a portal. One wrong answer and the character will fall into the abyss, so it’s worth keeping your attention throughout the 30 levels.

Along the way, the child learns operators, conditions, functions, and recursion.

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