The Best Games to Play While Travelling

We’ve all been there as a kid; stuck in the back of the car on a long journey that feels like it’s never going to end, asking our parents every five minutes ‘Are we nearly there yet?”, only to be told to quit asking so much.

And as an adult, the long journeys get a little easier as you have the support of your trusty road trip playlist and coffee stops to make the trip a little less tedious; however there’s no denying that travelling on long journeys is a novelty than soon gets old.

Whether it’s a long car journey, a trip on a train or worst of them all, the dreaded long haul flight, if you don’t have anything up your sleeve to keep you entertained, it can soon get pretty frustrating. Luckily, in today’s era, there are a whole host of technologies to keep us entertained, from watching movies on a tablet, to listening to podcasts and a huge variety of mobile games to play.

Below, we’ll take a look at how popular mobile games have become as a modern convenience and take a dive into what are some of the most popular mobile games currently.

Why have mobile games become so popular?

According to statistics, out of all forms of gaming, mobile gaming has seen the biggest increase in growth recently with the industry set to generate $77.2 billion by the end of they year. This represents a healthy growth of 13.3% since last year, proving that mobile gaming is definitely on the rise. So, with the like of tablets, iPads, the Nintendo Switch and many other new technologies on the market, what makes mobile gaming so popular?

While there are some downsides to mobile gaming, including draining your data and contenting with a small screen, it is one of the most accessible gaming technologies around. As smart phones become increasingly more affordable and data and Wi-Fi coverage spreads out wider across the world, mobile phone technology has become incredibly easy to own, with more than two-fifths of the world’s population now owning a smart phone. Players are able to access easily downloadable games whilst on the go, whether that be while travelling, on the morning commute, or even just while you’re watching a TV show on the sofa.

In addition, as the cost of console games keeps increasing, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult for people to be able to not only buy the console itself, but all of the costly games, accessories and subscriptions that go with it. Statistics show that the PC gaming industry is now only growing at an average of 4.8% a year, and console games at 6.8% a year; further showing that mobile gaming is taking the lead.

mobile game while travelPlayers are now able to download and play their favourite games no matter where they go due to mobile phones.


What types of mobile games are being played?

We all remember the likes of Snake on the old Nokia phone, as well as Tetris and Space Impact as firm favourites when mobile gaming first started to become popular. However, today’s games have significantly developed, in which there’s now more variety, better graphics and a higher quality user experience than ever before. Realistic games where the player feels physically apart of the gameplay is something gaming providers are looking to enhance. Gambling providers in particular have took advantage of these features by providing live casino games to make the player feel like they are visiting a land-based casino.

So, with the endless of opportunities of mobile gaming, here are some of the best mobile games currently that should definitely keep you occupied on your long journey…

Scrabble go

Ever tried to play one of those magnetic board games whilst in the car or on the train? They never ended well did they… Well luckily, there’s now a whole host of traditional board games available as apps, but Scrabble has to be one of the best. Launched by video game developer, Scopeley, in March 2020, this game has already had over 2 million players and can be played remotely, meaning you don’t need to worry if you’re going through a tunnel!

What’s more, you can add friends to the game through the app and challenge each other, even when you’re not travelling together. That’s the boring morning commute sorted!

ScrabbleMany traditional board games like Scrabble have transitioned online to make the games more convenient for purposes such as travel.

Mobile Bingo

While we traditionally think of playing bingo in a physical bingo hall, today’s online bingo experience offer a far more enriching experience by enabling you to play from the comfort of your own home, as well as being able to benefit from higher cash prizes and get involved with online communities and much more. Some providers also offer players the chance to play bingo online with no deposit, allowing them to try before they deposit their own cash!

Many online bingo sites now also have apps available to download to mobile devices, so players are able to play on-the-go whilst also being able to track spend, progress and other statistics such as player wins.


Away from home and missing your friends? No problem. Houseparty enables you to connect with a group of your friends for video calls, love chats, live games, competitions and much more. With a range of games to choose from, this app is guaranteed to provide an amusing night with your friends no matter where you are.

Crossy Road

Now before we go any further, we must warn you that this one is addictive. Crossy Road is available on both iOS and Android and allows the player to control a character as they attempt to cross a series of busy streets. Each level has it’s own amusing obstacles, from boats, to cars, trucks and even wild animals. Not to mention, it’s pixelated art style is a reminder of mind craft, and who doesn’t love a game of Minecraft?

Overall, while there are so many options for gaming in today’s market, from playing on a tablet or a PC, to console games including the new Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation and more, however nothing really beats the ease and convenience of mobile gaming. So, next time you have a long journey ahead of you, be sure to have the above games downloaded and ready to go.

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