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The Best Ways to Stay Connected with Family When Traveling

Traveling can be a wonderful hobby or lifestyle choice. Some people choose to go on yearly vacations, whereas others backpack across the world, spending years in each county or continent.

Immersing ourselves in new cultures, experiencing a country’s cuisine, relishing in new sceneries, and meeting fellow travelers is a great way to spend your time. However, you should also remember to stay in contact with your friends and family back home.

Staying connected with your family when traveling is essential because not only will they want to hear about your stories and travel excursions, but they will also worry about your health and wellbeing. A quick email is all it takes to give them peace of mind, and if you have the time and capabilities, a long phone call telling them about the Japanese temples you just visited can brighten up their day.

Are you hoping to travel soon, or are you already abroad and wondering the best ways to stay connected with your family? Here’s how you can contact them.

Send an eCard

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We all lead such busy lives, so it can be difficult to schedule a call or FaceTime with them frequently. Rather than wait, why not send them an eCard to land in their inbox so that they know that you are thinking about them and are well? The benefit is that everyone can go about their lives when times are hectic, but you are still updating them on your travel excursions.

To send an eCard, all you have to do is have an electronic device and a safe and secure internet connection. Once connected, you can find one of the best eCard sites through Top10 and choose which site suits your tastes and needs. For instance, you could choose to send an eCard through the WWF website. All their eCards are free but support wildlife preservation.

Get a Local SIM and Call or Message Them

If you are planning on staying in one country for a lengthy amount of time, you should consider investing in a local SIM so that you can call or message your family much more easily. Owning a local SIM will mean you do not have to heavily rely on finding accessible Wi-Fi, plus international SIMs can be slower and may even have hidden costs (some mobile providers may exclude certain countries and accidentally using your SIM may be one costly mistake).

Of course, buying a local SIM in certain countries such as Japan is expensive and difficult, so investing in wireless Wi-Fi may be the better option here. But for the majority of the world, backpackers who plan on spending a few months, a year, or even longer in one country will benefit from this investment. It also allows you the freedom to message or call your family whenever you want.

Send Them an Email

Email presents travelers with the opportunity to write lengthy tales of their travels so far and then sent it to their family to read when they have the chance to. Furthermore, your family can reply to your email at a leisurely pace. An email chain between you and your family can be a fun and intimate exchange, and unlike a phone call, you can save the content and reread the message again and again. Family members will also be able to read out the email to other family members (or forward it on to them) as well as friends.

There are many options to send an email. If you have a phone or a personal laptop, this is the best way to do so. But if you do not, you can find a local internet café or library and use one of the computers there. Always remember to log out of any internet devices and ensure that your personal information hasn’t been automatically saved to the computer.

Invest in Messaging Apps

Apps are one of the best ways to stay connected with your friends and family when traveling. They are easily accessible and convenient for both parties. Nowadays, most of the world’s population will have at least one messaging app on their mobile device.

Which messaging app should you use, though? Not all apps are reliable and some will ask to access your data. You’ll also want to choose an app that has a user-friendly interface if your family members are not considered tech-savvy. Here are the most popular messaging apps on the market:

  • WhatsApp – Offers a built-in messaging feature and the ability to voice or video call. You can also create group chats with certain family members and phone them all at once.
  • Facebook Messenger – One of the most used messaging apps, and a popular choice amongst the older generation. Facebook Messenger can suffer from poor video functionality, however.
  • iMessage and FaceTime – If you and your family use iPhones or own an iPad, you can message over Wi-Fi or video call. This is a popular choice for those who use Apple products.
  • Skype – An app that is popular for laptop users, this is a well-used video calling platform and is used by many different types of people, from travelers to businesspeople. You can also download the Skype app to your phone.

It is easy to get caught up in our travels, but it is essential to contact your loved ones back at home and check-in on how they are doing and whether there is any news. Luckily, in this day and age, technology gives us many ways to contact home, and if casinos are able to offer virtual tours to their consumers, you have the capabilities to get a message to your family. Check-in with them regularly so that they know that you are safe and having the best traveling experience possible.

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