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Top 5 Mobile Payment Start-Ups in the UK

The mobile payment methods have grown rapidly all over the world and are expected to have a bright future. This fintech or financial technology has continued to inspire innovation in the main goal to satisfy the customers.

Actually, all payments made with mobile devices like smartphones or tablets are defined as mobile payments.

With the technology advance, these smooth payments have become more improved facilitating the way people transfer money. In the online casino industry, phone bill payments have also evolved and many players started playing with Boku mobile casino not on GamStop that doesn’t require any bank details. Like other countries, mobile payments have expanded in the UK and here are 5 of them that start up in this sovereign state:

#1 PaymentSense

PaymentSense was created in November 2010 in London and has extended in the UK and Ireland. Today, more than 70,000 businesses use this service there. PaymentSense is both virtual and face-to-face solutions that enable the users to create and analyse reports of the sales. It also helps the companies to generate their performance perspicacity.

With more than 250 million transactions per year, PaymentSense supplies also face-to-face card payment machines. These include mobile, portable, and countertop card machines. The mobile is created to take card payments on the go, the portable is designed to take the card machine to the customers, and the Countertop can take payments at the till. Besides, PaymentSense also has many virtual payment options such as Pay Online, Pay by Email, and Pay by Phone.

#2 was released in April 2012 in London and permits the users to make their online payments in 150 different currencies. This method is attractive since it offers direct access to great international cards. In addition, this popular payment system enables customers to quickly manage their payment processes. accepts different payment solutions and as stated above, it allows the users to have direct access to other local payment options and the major Credit Cards like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Well-reputed for a strong security level, is surely among the reliable payment systems in the UK.

#3 Neyber

Neyber is considered to be the fresh payment service in the UK as it was founded in October 2014 in London. The company is known for its high-growth list and helps the UK employees to better manage their money. In fact, Neyber can be utilized with several businesses, large or small companies. The firm has already signed collaborations with companies like Harrods, DHL, and Bupa.

This payment service has helped its customers to save more than £5,000 each and has lent over £100m. With a range of savings and investment accounts, Neyber is probably the payment method that has helped the growth of businesses in the UK.

#4 WorldRemit

WorldRemit has been around since December 2009 and has run a service of transferring online money. With this solution, the users are able to send money to 150 countries with more than 90% of transactions within a few minutes. Today, the company has more than 4 million customers in the world with 700 employees over 6 continents.

Transferring money worldwide is the main benefit of WorldRemit because as already mentioned; it is available in 150 countries. Various payment methods are partnered with WorldRemit such as an electronic wallet service, bank transfer, cash pickups, and local payment options. The transfer fee varies on the amount and the currency the customers use. They can pay this fee through debit and credit cards, and bank transfer.

#5 Payforit

Payforit is one of the biggest mobile payment solutions and is also available in the United Kingdom. This method enables users to pay for items and services through their mobile phones. As a matter of fact, the customers can use this option on both postpaid and prepaid mobile phones. Therefore, the charge is deducted directly from the users’ mobile phone bill or the prepaid balance.

The customers can purchase products safely without sharing their bank account details or personal information. As it is one of the most used payments for mobile gaming in the UK, the company has continued to offer the best service to each customer. Known to be straightforward, quick, and safe, Payforit can be considered to be a trustworthy worldwide payment.

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