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Top Tips on How to Make Ads on Facebook and Instagram as Effective as Possible

There are many tips on how to increase the return of advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

Many of these lifehacks are basic guidelines for target setting, rather than actionable ideas that can improve results. But there are also techniques such as installing a static residential proxy proven in practice, with the help of which you can really increase the profitability of investments in Instagram and Facebook advertising and increase interaction with the audience.

Use the Fast Take-Off (FTO) method

Accelerated display of advertising at the start of the campaign has undeniable advantages:

  • gives quick results;
  • allows you to collect data for advertising analysis before starting campaign optimization;
  • makes it possible to quickly determine the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

When setting up a new campaign, a budget (daily or total) is assigned, which exceeds the planned by 200-300%. Having collected 10,000+ impressions, you can already work with statistics. Algorithms need at least 24 hours to optimize campaigns. Give the system the time it needs, then gets the results and change the budget back to the planned one.

Collect the Maximum Number of Reactions to One Publication

In Facebook’s “Ad Settings” section, there is an option to “Use an existing post”. With its help, you can collect all interactions with a post involved in various advertising campaigns, with various audiences and rates.

Correctly Determine the Type of Advertising

There are really many placements for advertising on Facebook and Instagram – a single image, carousel, collection, storyboard, etc. If there is not enough time to test different methods, it may be tempting to use someone else’s experience. But not everything is so simple – some projects achieve the maximum effect with the help of a carousel, while others break records using ordinary graphic advertising.

Therefore, even if there is not enough time, you need to test at least three main options:

  • textual and graphic;
  • video;

By evaluating the relevance metrics and cost-per-click in each case, you can choose the option that provides more social media conversions at a lower cost.

Create a Truly Valuable Proposition

Making ads attractive to users is your main task. The only way to get people to spend their valuable resources (time) to get to know the message and click on the link is to prove its usefulness. If you don’t explain the benefits of your product right from the start, you can’t expect people to even want to look at it.

Value orientation implies:

  • emphasis on a specific benefit for the buyer;
  • unique advantages that competitors do not have;
  • time-limited discount or bonus;
  • quality presentation of information.

All points are equally important.

Take Care of the Individual Schedule for Showing Ads

If your field of activity is not sushi delivery, it is unlikely that your ads will be relevant to Facebook and Instagram users 24/7. Advertising reports will give you accurate information on which days of the week and hours you have the most conversions with the least costs (Facebook Ads Manager – “Columns” – selection by the time of day).

The review of the effectiveness of advertisements should be used in further work on setting up an individual display schedule. This will allow you to spend minimal budgets and get the greatest return from the advertising.

Perceiving your target audience as a crowd of a hundred thousand nameless and faceless users is fundamentally wrong. These are all ordinary people with adequate reactions who will not pay attention to what is of no value to them and of no interest.

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