Virgin Australia Baggage Tracking

Virgin Australia Introduces Australia’s First-Ever Airline Baggage Tracking Tool


Virgin Australia is all set to introduce Australia’s first-ever airline baggage tracking tool across its expansive domestic network. The move aims to alleviate the stress of lost baggage, providing passengers the ability to track their luggage from the point of check-in to final collection.

Developed over a period of two years, the tracking technology is the latest initiative in Virgin Australia’s broader transformation program designed to enhance the customer experience. Notably, the airline boasts a mishandling rate of just 1.5 bags per 1,000 passengers, far better than the industry average.

The tool is expected to encourage more travelers to check in their bags. “It liberates our guests from the fear of losing their baggage,” says a Virgin Australia representative.

“We anticipate an increase in checked baggage as a result.”

The tracking system has been trialed since May 2023 and will be initially available on several major domestic routes including Sydney-Melbourne, Brisbane-Sydney, Melbourne-Gold Coast, and more. Eventually, the service will be rolled out across all remaining domestic routes.

To use the baggage tracking service, guests need to:

  1. Download the Virgin Australia app.
  2. Enable push notifications.
  3. Receive updates about the status of their checked baggage throughout their journey, including information on which carousel to go for collection.

The technology is part of Virgin Australia’s investment of over $400 million in customer service and technological advancements. This includes $110 million for upgrading interior cabins of Boeing 737 fleet to feature new seats, in-flight Wi-Fi, and in-seat power.

Virgin Australia Group Chief Customer and Digital Officer, Paul Jones said the airline is proud to be the first airline in the country to offer travellers a baggage tracking tool.

“It’s our mission to be Australia’s most loved airline and that means we need to listen to our customers to ensure we are offering the services that are most important to them,” said Mr Jones.

“We know the potential of lost baggage is a concern for travellers globally and anticipate today’s announcement will give many guests that extra level of comfort knowing where their bag is at every step of the journey.        

“We are also proud to be able to launch this new feature while having some of the lowest figures in the market when it comes to mishandled or lost bags, with a mishandled baggage rate of just 1.5 per 1,000 guests – five times better than the last recorded industry average.

“We are a business that intently listens to its people and customers, and we are excited to have many more announcements in the pipeline that we know will make our guests’ flying experience that touch more wonderful,” he said. 

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