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10 Must-Visit Attractions in Toronto

Toronto is Canada’s largest city, situated in the heart of Ontario. It has a diverse selection of attractions, appealing to tourists worldwide. From galleries to museums, beaches, and restaurants, there are places to visit in Toronto for everyone.

Lucas Goldberg, a Casino Online expert in Canada, takes you on a splendid adventure with his views on some of the best attractions. Read about the features that will send you into a spin. Whether you’re a local or a visitor in Toronto, there are plenty of activities to entertain you.

Top 10 Attractions In Toronto

1. CN Tower

The CN Tower is 553 meters tall and is a famous international landmark. Many publications list it as one of the top Toronto tourist attractions, which is why it’s first on this list.

The view from the tower spans the entire city. Standing since 1976, you can view New York State and Niagara Falls from the Sky Pod at 447 meters above the ground.

2. Royal Ontario Museum

Known worldwide as the ROM, the Royal Ontario Museum has been around since 1914. It holds a fantastic collection of art, culture, and natural history from different periods in time.

In 2007, a modern wing with sharp angles joined the aged, traditional building. It overlooks Queen’s Park, with an exclusive access point to the most extensive dinosaur fossil collection in the world.

3. Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

Returning to the CN Tower, visiting the nearby Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada should be on your list of things to do in Toronto, Canada. It hosts a long underwater tunnel with a sidewalk that moves.

The jellyfish put on a spectacular lighting display, while the sharks and sawfish will stun you with their majesty. You can also receive a behind-the-scenes look at the filtration equipment in the maintenance plant.

4. Art Gallery of Ontario

This historic building dates back to the 1900s and has been through several name changes. Let’s have a quick look at them:

  • 1900: The Art Museum of Toronto
  • 1919: The Art Gallery of Toronto
  • 1966: The Art Gallery of Ontario

It hosts more than 95,000 collections, consisting of contemporary and European pieces. The facility itself is an outstanding work of art, with a combination of modern and outdated architecture.

5. Rogers Centre

Major League Baseball’s Toronto Blue Jays call the Rogers Center their home. The roof slides open in good weather, revealing a stunning view from above and below.

As an extra incentive, you can visit the Toronto Marriott City Centre Hotel attached to the stadium. The luxury rooms let you watch over any of the games in play.

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6. Niagara Falls

If you prefer viewing natural wonders, take a tour at the Niagara Falls. Toronto hotels usually provide trips to the venue and back, which means you can enjoy the beauty of Horseshoe Falls as the waters crash below.

Gamblers who visit Toronto for its betting facilities should hop on over to the Niagara Falls Casino. It overlooks the fantastic falls, with plenty of refreshments and food to go around.

7. Aga Khan Museum

This museum is a more recent addition to the Toronto attractions. Established in 2014, it houses art from middle-eastern and Islamic cultures.

Art and sculptures aren’t the only features of the facility. There are public tours that include film screenings, dance performances, lectures, and a dazzling theatre. You can also view digital guides and virtual tours on the official website.

8. Museum of Illusions

If you’re expecting magic tricks of long halls with mirrors, think again. The museum hails from 2018 and incorporates elements of education and entertainment.

It features over 15 illusion exhibits. The room names are enough to mystify you. For example, it includes the following:

  • Infinity tunnel
  • Clone Table
  • Head on the Platter
  • Rotated Room

9. Ontario Science Center

Have you ever wondered why the grass is green or paddling against the stream makes it look like your standing still? The Ontario Science Centre takes a look at numerous scientific questions that will mystify you.

Established in 1969 after the infamous moon landing, children especially love the activities and demonstrations. You can also climb rock walls, play arcade games, and walk through a simulated rainforest.

10. Toronto Islands

Another natural attraction is the Toronto Islands. Jump on a short ferry ride at the Queen’s Quay Terminal, and you’ll be at the islands in mere minutes.

Enjoy a walk through nature or participate in one of the other fun activities. They include swimming, sailing, rowing, and flying kites. You can also visit Centreville Amusement Park on Centre Island.

Final Words

Toronto is home to so many attractions, and it’s hard only to select ten of the best. If you visit Ontario’s capital city, make sure you enjoy every moment at one or two of the above venues.

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