Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations

20 Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations, According to Pinterest Data

Following the analysis of 10,000s of honeymoon boards on Pinterest, the world’s 20 most ‘pinned’ honeymoon destinations in the world are revealed. 

If Instagram is where you go to post photos whilst you’re on your honeymoon, Pinterest is where you go when you’re in planning mode. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many couples postponed their wedding and continue to plan for their dream honeymoon.

Intrigued to find out where the most lusted over honeymoon destinations are right now, luxury travel company Kuoni has turned to Pinterest data to find out.

The research, which analysed 10,000s of honeymoon boards on Pinterest, has revealed that the Indonesian island of Bali is the most popular honeymoon destination, followed by Italy and Hawaii in second and third place.

European destinations are most popular, with six countries in Europe on the top 20 list. Alongside Italy, the data reveals that Ireland, Greece, France, Iceland and Spain are also key wish-list destinations for honeymoons.

Unsurprisingly many of the top countries are exotic destinations with picture-perfect beaches and endless sunshine, so it’s notable that Ireland and Iceland appear on the list as well. With their chillier weather and dramatic scenery, they provide a more alternative but no less enjoyable honeymoon.

Top 20 Most ‘Pinned’ Honeymoon Destinations 


20. Fiji – 408 boards



19. Spain – 415 boards



18. Bahamas – 417 boards



17. Aruba – 442 boards


St Lucia

16. St Lucia – 477 boards



15. Iceland – 499 boards



14. France – 500 boards


New Zealand

13. New Zealand – 601 boards



12. Jamaica – 699 boards



11. Japan – 717 boards


Costa Rica

10. Costa Rica – 729 boards



9. India – 734 boards



8. Greece – 757 boards



7. Mexico – 949 boards



6. Thailand – 980 boards



5. Ireland – 980 boards


The Maldives

4. The Maldives – 981 boards



3. Hawaii – 992 boards



2. Italy – 997 boards



1. Bali – 998 boards

Dean Harvey at Kuoni comments: “Pinterest and wedding planning goes hand-in-hand so it is a really valuable resource to gain great insights on where the most dreamed about honeymoon destinations are in the world. At Kuoni we’re well known for offering some of the most incredible honeymoons on the market, and although Covid-19 is causing havoc with weddings at the moment we’ve been hard at work rearranging and planning honeymoons for 2021 and beyond. We hope this research can inspire couples who are looking to make a trip of a lifetime.”

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