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5 British Tours That Students Can Choose After Lockdown

After a long quarantine, everyone is just waiting for the borders to open in order to quickly go somewhere abroad and lose the feeling of isolation and restrictions at home or campus.

For those students who dream of visiting another country as soon as possible, we offer the most popular British tours after lockdown.

1. Scotland – Glasgow-Edinburgh

This exciting voyage will allow you to travel to the era of valiant knights and militant kings, to get acquainted with the history of freedom-loving Scotland. You will personally visit historical places where the history of Great Britain and Europe has been going on for centuries and write essay in college about it!

You will see the splendor of the Glencoe pass, visit the ancient monument of megalithic culture – Callanish on the Hebrides Islands, you can admire the colony of fur seals on the Isle of Skye, try selected Scotch whiskey. And you’ll be able to relax even for a short while! And if this “short while” coincides with your studies, you can still go by hiring essay writers for college. Top essay writers can always have your back with studies if you have no time to finish the work yourself. Words cannot describe a tenth of those amazing beauties, sights, and indescribable atmosphere that await you on this enchanting journey!

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2. England, Scotland, Ireland

This is a great sightseeing tour of the UK and Ireland which can be a great idea for an essay for holiday. You will plunge into the world of ancient legends and fairy-tale castles, get acquainted with the extraordinary nature, visit the most interesting and mysterious corners of the British Isles. You will spend time in unique London, go to the homeland of William Shakespeare, and Jonathan Swift, Robert Burns, and William Wallace, touch the mysterious story of the legendary Stonehenge, taste Irish beer, and Scotch whiskey.

3. Weekend in London

A weekend in London is an opportunity to get acquainted with the most interesting and charming places of the capital of Great Britain in just a few days.

An overview of the incredible landscapes of London from the largest Ferris wheel in the world – the London Eye, a walk around Piccadilly and Trafalgar Square, the incredible Madame Tussauds Museum or the Sherlock Holmes Museum, immersion in the atmosphere of the Victorian era while walking around the Palace of Westminster, visiting the Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace, famous theaters “Globe” and “Covent Garden”, modern shopping centers – all this will give you an unforgettable experience! This will definitely inspire you on writing story about your tour.

4. Discovery of Scotland

Here you can discover one of the most mysterious and beautiful regions of Great Britain – beautiful Scotland and learn something new on your vacation! On this tour, you will find beautiful landscapes, ancient castles, majestic Edinburgh, full of mysteries Loch Ness lake, ancient traditions, and amazing legends. During your holiday you can get a complete picture of the culture, nature, and history of Scotland. An experienced guide will tell you all the most interesting about the attractions that you will visit.

5.Europe tour

One of the student tours for 2020! If you want to visit as many places as possible in one trip, then you should make an enchanting cruise on a comfortable liner. Even if the weather is bad at sea, it’s completely unnoticeable on a ship: you can swim in the pool, enjoy the sea views or spend time relaxing in a restaurant. The ship has everything you need for a wonderful holiday amid the noise of the waves and to the cries of gulls – nightly shows, night clubs, live music, master classes, a modern spa. The cruise program includes 3 free excursions for exploring Berlin, Lubeck, and Hamburg, also excursions optionally at ports of call – you certainly will not be bored!


In order to go abroad, you usually need a lot of money, but even if you travel as a student you are able to find enough money to choose a suitable tour to Britain. Even if the vacation won’t be long, it will definitely be interesting!

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