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6 Mediterranean Experiences for Your Travel Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list—or at least they should. If you like exploring other cultures, there are simply certain things you should do in your lifetime. Think very seriously about splurging on a Mediterranean cruise to fulfill the biggest items on your adventurous list.

1. Explore Turkish Ruins

turkey home of aspendos

The ruins of Turkey are singularly unforgettable. The country is an archaeological dream, with beautiful, craggy vistas and an amazing sense of history. From the Patara Ruins to the theater at the Aspendos Ruins, there’s more than enough to see. If this is on your bucket list, wait no more!

2. Sail the Seas in Monte Carlo

monte carlo

Fans of water sports will certainly enjoy a Mediterranean adventure. If you’ve dreamed of sailing in Monte Carlo, home of the rich and famous, here’s another chance to tick an item off your must-do list. Windsurfing and water skiing on clear, turquoise waters is not only for the rich and famous.

3. Feast at a Parisian Café

paris cafe

A visit to Paris is generally at the top of every traveler’s wish list. Some want to climb the Eiffel Tower, others want to see every exhibit in the Louvre. The simplest, most satisfying wish, however, is to sit outside at dusk, eating fine food and sipping cappuccino at an authentic Parisian café. People-watching and listening to the language of love are romantic but exciting activities, and if you are a foodie, a stop in France is practically a given.

4. Sip Wine in a Spanish Vineyard

spain wine tourism

Wine connoisseurs dream of sipping a fine vintage in many European locations, but on the sun-kissed shores of Spain, it’s a true experience. Since Spain is surely a port-of-call, this is another item to check off your personal bucket list when you take a warm water cruise. You’ll have ample opportunities to sit back, relax, and luxuriate in the local culture while sipping some of the finest wine Europe has to offer.

5. Make Wine in Italy

italy wine making

Arguably, Italy is the wine capital of the world. You might prefer to sip it here instead of Spain—or maybe you’d like to make your very own vintage. No matter what region you visit after docking from your cruise, the opportunity to make your own wine by stomping your own grapes only comes along once in a lifetime.

6. Island-Hopping in Greece


The Greek islands are definitely filled with intrigue, mystery, myth, and legend. If you’ve ever dreamed of sailing the Greek isles, you’ll never have a better chance. Stop off in Athens, Patras, or Heraklion and instantly make plans to rent a boat and start your adventure. Take a day to hop from one mythical island to another, or make a mini-vacation out of it with Exclusive Island Hopping Passes

How many of these activities make your heart skip a beat?

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