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7 Reasons to Organize Long Walks in a New Country


The majority of people used to think that visiting a new country means purchasing plane tickets, booking a hotel, and several tours around the city.

But this approach lets you see only a small part of the country, and you can’t even get acquainted with traditions and customs. But what about walking tours? Do you like to have a walk? If yes, why not start a walking tour to explore a new country? Of course, it requires physical training, and those people who have a sedentary life may consider walking tours difficult enough. 

Unfortunately, the majority of people, both young and middle-aged, aren’t physically active. Their confined jobs or mountains of homework don’t let them move a lot. All students should check the samples of health and social care essays to understand the consequences of such a lifestyle. If you see you spend a lot of time sitting and doing homework, reach out to an essay writing service to get some essay samples that’ll help you finish homework faster. If you still do it too long, look through some astronomy college paper examples or order custom papers from a professional service. 

If you consider yourself prepared enough to walk a lot and still can’t understand why it is better than traditional idle traveling, we’ll help you gain insight into it.

1. It lets make new friends from all over the world

If you organize a tour with your friends and advertise it on social media, at least a few new people will join you. Of course, if you plan to have a trip with close people, you’re free to refuse to accept fellow travelers. Walking around the city in a large group is interesting because all people knew something interesting about this place, you always have someone to share emotions and impressions with. 

2. You can reload yourself

Feeling sad and sometimes even depressed is okay because people can get tired of life. Some people can get rid of this feeling by staying alone at home or going to a party with friends. Organizing a walking tour is the best way to change settings dramatically. If you see that only new emotions can pull you out of this mire, start packing your backpack and choosing a destination. 

3. Explore a city in detail

When you book a tour around the city, you can’t stay in one place as much as you need because the guide aims to show you all significant landmarks in a short period. It often makes no sense because people don’t manage to see everything they are interested in. You’re free to do everything you want on a walking tour even if you don’t organize it. Also, when you walk, you can access the locations cars can’t, such as tiny streets and alleys. 

4. Go wherever you want

When you plan your tour and route, you usually hope that your trip will comply with this plan. However, in most cases, all plans fail because of certain reasons. That’s why more and more people prefer to stop planning and choose the destinations onsite. If you follow a precise route, having no plan may be difficult and sometimes anxious for you, but many travelers note that it’s more interesting.

5. Stay in country houses

Sometimes, it’s possible to explore the city and country’s history by choosing a good country house. Many hotels are housed in historical buildings; the main task is to find them. Polished and advanced hotels have no historical value; people usually associate them with comfortable rest. Country houses let travelers learn more about the history of a certain castle or country house and enjoy comfort at the same time. Move around the city, find good country houses to stay in, and get acquainted with culture non-stop.

6. Travel without paying a fortune for it

High transportation and accommodation costs usually stop people who dream about visiting a new country. A walking tour is one of the best ways to reduce costs at least a little bit. You still need to purchase expensive plane tickets, but if you’ll use certain services or will travel in the off-season, you’ll also save money on this purchase. It means you may spend more money on buying local food that’s also important since national cuisine is a part of the culture. Also, you can buy souvenirs and clothes. In other words, you may not limit yourself to other important expenses.

7. Travel as long as you need

When you organize a walking tour, you enjoy your freedom and flexibility. But when you book a trip, you’re usually limited in time, unless you buy a trip for a month, of course. A walking tour lets you travel at your own pace and enjoy the city and location as much as you need. If you aren’t used to walking fast, you don’t need to do it. Do you want to stay at a certain location longer? Stay.

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