Top Holiday Destinations for Americans in 2023

Allianz Survey Reveals Top Holiday Destinations for Americans in 2023

Allianz Partners USA has recently unveiled its annual survey showcasing the top holiday destinations for Americans in 2023, with New York City and Cancun, Mexico, emerging as the foremost domestic and international locations. This insight comes from an extensive review of over three million itineraries for roundtrip flights departing from U.S. airports, highlighting travel trends for the upcoming holiday season.

The survey, which analyzed travel plans starting from Saturday, December 16, and returning by Friday, December 29, revealed a significant preference for domestic travel, accounting for 79% of the itineraries. In contrast, 21% of the plans were for international trips, indicating a growing interest in exploring destinations beyond the U.S. borders.

For the third consecutive year, New York City has maintained its position as the number one domestic destination on American travelers’ holiday wish lists. Its continuous appeal lies in its vibrant culture, iconic landmarks, and festive holiday atmosphere. Following closely are other popular U.S. cities, including sunny Orlando at the second spot, dazzling Las Vegas, which notably jumped four spots compared to 2022, at third, followed by Los Angeles and Atlanta.

The survey also sheds light on the preferences of Americans traveling internationally, with Cancun, Mexico, retaining its top spot for the sixth year in a row. This beach paradise is favored by travelers seeking to escape the cold and enjoy Mexico’s sunny beaches. London, England, remains a top international contender, followed by sun-drenched destinations like San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico, Montego Bay, Jamaica, and Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Daniel Durazo, director of external communications at Allianz Partners USA, commented on the findings, stating, “If you have a frequent traveler in the family, a great gift this holiday season is an annual travel insurance policy. Whether they are traveling stateside or internationally, a travel insurance policy can offer peace of mind in case of unexpected covered travel delays, trip cancellations, or interruptions, and an annual policy can provide protection all year round for those covered pre-paid, non-refundable expenses.”

Allianz Partners offers travel insurance through major U.S. airlines, leading travel agents, online travel agencies, hotel companies, cruise lines, and directly to consumers. Their products cater to the diverse needs of travelers, ensuring safety and convenience.

The survey’s findings not only highlight the top holiday destinations for Americans but also reflect broader trends in travel preferences and behaviors. New York City’s and Cancun’s popularity underscore the diverse interests of American travelers, from urban exploration and cultural immersion to beach relaxation and adventure.

As travel continues to rebound post-pandemic, these insights are invaluable for both the tourism industry and travelers. They provide a glimpse into the destinations poised to welcome a significant number of visitors in the 2023 holiday season and beyond. The rise in domestic travel indicates a renewed interest in exploring the vast and varied landscapes within the U.S., while the steady demand for international destinations like Cancun and London shows a continued desire for global exploration.

In conclusion, the Allianz survey offers a comprehensive overview of the top holiday destinations for Americans in 2023, reflecting evolving travel patterns and preferences. With New York City and Cancun leading the way, it’s evident that the allure of both familiar and exotic locations remains strong among U.S. travelers, promising a vibrant and diverse holiday season ahead.

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