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Amazing Travel Program Organized By Colorado University

All students who live in Colorado know that when the summer season comes along when the sunlight melts the snow on high alpine, the only place to be is at the Rocky Mountains. Colorado is a rare state, which has thousands of different trails. They traverse one of the best terrains in the entire country, which includes peaks, lakes, and meadows overloaded with beautiful wildflowers.

Students in Colorado love to make multi-day hiking trips. That is why backpacking is very popular among young people. It is a less stressful way of being outdoors with your friends. You can take a tent with you and enjoy a stunning sunset over the scenery of  Colorado. Just finish your homework and go ahead! Should you need some useful essay samples, you can visit This online service boasts a vast array of free examples of academic papers. You can find an essay on almost any topic, be it an animal experimentation essay or a research paper on police corruption, and use some fresh ideas in your paper.   

The opportunities for student’s adventure activities are really endless. Below you will find stunning events organized by the Colorado University. We want to round up the most exciting backpacking and hiking tours for students to stay active and entertained during the summer season in Colorado. You will definitely find something interesting according to your taste, tamper, and skill level. So it is time to find your boots and prepare for a new adventure.

The University of Colorado offers the following backpacking and hiking trips for students

rocky mountain national park

Rocky Mountain National Park

If you decide to join other students for this backpacking trip, you will spend one night and two complete days backpacking through the famous Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. Students will have a chance to master their skills on how to navigate using a compass and a map. You will enjoy this trip if you love to be in the woods. It is time to make a break with books and classrooms and prove yourself your own self-sufficiency. Make sure that you have at least minimum experience in backpacking before you apply for it.

Hiking Rocky Mountain National Park

Students who decide to enroll in this trip will have a unique opportunity to enjoy the grace of Rocky Mountain National Park. It will be a complete day of nature, sightseeing, and hiking. On the campus, there will be a pre-trip gathering where you will find the information on how to prepare for the hiking trip, travel etiquette, and the main principles of Leave No Trace (LNT). To apply for this hiking trip, no experience is required. Everyone is welcome to join this adventure!

Backpacking in Golden Gate Canyon State Park

It is an excellent option for those students who want to backpack on their own. This trip offers to spend one night and two days into the wilderness in Golden Gate Canyon State Park. You will have to complete pre-trip training to get the instructions how to pack a pack your backpack, set up camp, use a map/compass, cook simple meals, plan your menu, first aid help, safety issues, and a lot of other useful information for amateur backpackers. This training will guarantee that you will come back home in comfort and safety. This backpacking trip does not ask for specialized experience. The fee students pay for the course will cover all necessary backpacking equipment as well as the food you will need on the trail.

hiking mountains

Below students of the Colorado University will find exciting trips for outdoor climbing and bouldering:

Introduction to Outdoor Climbing

Students are encouraged to spend an entire day top-rope climbing in North Table Mountain in Golden or Boulder! Young people will receive useful training of all the basics of climbing outdoors. You will learn exciting things about climbing equipment, working techniques, and the best places to go to. It is a perfect trip for students who get started with rock climbing. The course fee covers all necessary equipment for climbing.

Introduction to Outdoor Bouldering

Students have a unique opportunity to Boulder on Flagstaff Mountain. You will learn this beautiful area along with the essential bouldering technique. The pre-training is focused on minimizing risks and body injuries. The course fee covers all necessary equipment for bouldering.

Shelf Road Trip

Students who practice climbing in the gym should be ready for a weekend Shelf Road trip. This trip consists of two complete days of climbing and one-night camping in one of the marvelous spots in Colorado – the Royal Gorge. The course fee covers all necessary equipment for climbing, travel, and even food.

Are you ready to conquer any of these exciting treks? Invite your friends because together it is more fun. There are a lot of fantastic backpacking opportunities in Colorado. Do not stop on the listing above. Stay open to new adventures.

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