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Are we about to see a boom in caravan holidays?

There is no doubt that as far as trips away were concerned, 2020 was the year of the staycation, as the number of holidaymakers remaining on British soil surged.

But Covid was not the only reason for this – for several years now, numbers staying in the UK (compared to those going overseas) have been rising and 2021 is set to amplify this trend.

A continuing trend

A recent YouGov poll shows that almost a quarter of Brits plan to holiday in the UK instead of abroad in future. This number rises to 48 per cent for young adults (those between 25 and 34), suggesting the change is here to stay.

From the 1990s low air fares meant most families could afford to travel to far-flung corners of Europe, but in recent years these journeys have become less affordable, and world events have also contributed to making staycations a far more appealing and feasible option.

Never been more popular

It’s good news for the hospitality sector, which has taken such a hit since the start of the pandemic. And it’s sure to see the continued resurgence of the caravan holiday, which has been growing in popularity year-on-year since 2016 and boomed last year. In fact, Google searches of ‘camping’ and ‘caravan’ were up 56 per cent in July 2020 compared with the year before, and the sector has already had huge interest for the upcoming season.

Great interest for 2021

Geoff Barnes is marketing director at Park Holidays, who have 33 caravan holiday parks across the southern UK coastline, plus caravan holiday homes and lodges for sale. He says: “We are staggered by the level of interest in people keen to buy their very own holiday home. We believe the combination of health risks, the expense and hassle of overseas travel, and uncertainty around Brexit has highlighted the appeal of caravan and lodge ownership at a holiday park. Being able to jump in your car and be on holiday in an hour or two whenever you choose is very appealing to people.”

The fact that caravanning can take you to some incredible places around the British Isles is certainly part of the appeal, but people have also been alerted to how caravans have improved in recent years. Many now come equipped with full-size beds, central heating, Wi-Fi, fancy decor, and a whole host of things that make it very much a luxury holiday.

And combine this with the feeling of being in the great outdoors and closer to nature, then it’s not hard to see why people are so drawn to this type of trip. Those taking caravan holidays now contribute a whopping £9.3 billion to the British economy each year, and the industry employs more than 130,000 people. These numbers are now set to get even higher.

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