Bali Reopens for All Foreign Travelers


Indonesia will reopen Bali to all foreign visitors starting Feb. 4, this time requiring a shorter quarantine period as the country seeks to revive tourism and sustain economic recovery.

This comes after the nation lifted a ban on all foreign arrivals and on Feb. 4 will reduce the quarantine period to five days from seven for fully vaccinated foreigners, Luhut Panjaitan, a cabinet minister who also oversees the government’s pandemic response, said on Monday. Those with only one shot of Covid-19 vaccine must continue to comply with a seven-day quarantine.

Famous for its temples and beaches, Bali started a limited reopening in October but requirements including a 10-day quarantine, a visa with a local sponsor and an international health insurance have put off visitors.

Only travelers from select nations were allowed to fly directly into Bali, while most were required to enter Indonesia through airports in Jakarta and Manado.

From Feb. 4, visitors can use direct or connecting international flights to come to the island, Wiku Adisasmito, spokesman at the country’s Covid-19 Task Force, said on Monday. The status of Bali’s other requirements like a visa with a local sponsor and a health insurance will be addressed by a separate regulation soon, he said.

Source: Bloomberg

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