Best Destinations for Wellness Workcation in 2023

The rise of remote work in the US is causing a change in the relationship between work and personal well-being. According to a recent McKinsey report, 20-25% of Americans now work remotely, which provides an opportunity to prioritize mental health. However, working from home can be isolating and repetitive.

A “workcation” offers a chance to travel and work from new places without using vacation time.

Icelandair’s research identifies the top 25 destinations for a wellness workcation based on factors such as cost of living, internet speed, and average working hours. The list includes cities like Vienna and Ottawa.

Vienna, Austria

The beautiful city of Vienna, Austria tops this year’s wellness workcation list. With the highest quality of life score at 201.8/240 and minimal pollution levels, Vienna also features remarkable architecture and the Vienna Woods to lose yourself in.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Coming in second is Copenhagen, Denmark, which holds the top spot for internet speeds and is runner-up for happiness. Copenhagen’s artistic atmosphere allows for a relaxed escape from the hustle of everyday life. Its captivating churches and museums attract 10 million international visitors annually[2].

Amsterdam, Netherlands

In the third spot is Amsterdam, known for having some of the lowest working hours along with a high happiness score of 7.4/10. This vibrant city, famous for its charming canals and world-class museums, is the perfect destination for combining work and leisure in a single trip.

best cities for wellness workcation

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Taking the fourth position, Luxembourg has the second-highest quality of life, achieving an index score of 201.1/240. With its verdant landscapes and medieval buildings, this quaint city is the ultimate destination for those seeking a fulfilling and rejuvenating remote retreat.

Helsinki, Finland

Securing fifth place, Helsinki stands out with its lowest pollution score of 13.1/100 and the highest happiness score of 7.8/10. This Finnish capital’s vibrant atmosphere and environment for remote work make it a compelling destination for combining productivity and well-being.

Valencia, Spain

Valencia, Spain ranks sixth globally for wellness workcation, boasting a strong health care score of 79.8/100. This city’s stunning beaches, cultural scene, and delicious food provide a unique and inspiring environment for those looking to work and unwind.

Reykjavík, Iceland

Reykjavík, Iceland – the world’s northernmost capital, excels in sustainability with a low pollution scale of 14.6. The city also scores highly for happiness, safety, and overall quality of life. Featuring striking volcanoes, waterfalls, and panoramic views, Reykjavík is an excellent choice for travelers looking to experience a sustainable and scenic destination. You could even include this breathtaking city in your next trip as a stopover, with no additional airfare, making it the perfect excuse for an extended journey.

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