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Best Irish Land Based Casinos For a Tourist

Ireland is not really known as the gambling capital. It’s nothing in comparison with Vegas, and Monaco outperforms it by any metric imaginable.

However, Ireland has something to offer to all gambling tourists. Its casinos are not grand nor are they pompous. They’re small venues that sometimes look like pubs, but are full of gambling enthusiasts instead of drinkers.

The main thing you have to know before going to a casino in Ireland is that local casinos operate like clubs. You can’t just enter the premises, you have to be a private member.

Luckily, you can become a member in a couple of minutes by filling in a membership form and play your favourite game such as roulette – one of the most loved casino games. So always take your ID with you because you’ll have to confirm your identity while registering.

Macau Sporting Club

Macau Sporting Club is situated in the centre of Cork, not far from the riverside. The venue opens at 2 pm and works until morning. Its furniture is a bit antiquated as of today, but the games you can play there are great.

There is a long row of slot machines and plenty of table games for you to enjoy. There’s even pool so you can play ball if you’re bored by the card games.

Macau also serves pretty decent food so you won’t leave the place hungry.

Gold Rush Casino

Gold Rush Casino is not just one place, but many. It has three locations in Cork – all in the city centre – two in Dublin, and a couple of locations in many other Irish cities.

The main focus of these casinos is slot machines. There are a lot of them in all locations, and they certainly play a key role in the venue.

On special occasions, Gold Rush gathers gamblers from all over the city to compete for a prize fund in card games. The last prize pool was as high as 7000 EUR, so that’s worth the entry fee if you’re any good at card games.

The Penthouse Casino & Card Club

The Penthouse Casino’s name is deceptive, as it’s not in the penthouse technically. It’s situated outside of Dublin, in the Airside Retail Park, a huge retail complex in 15 kilometres from the city. You can drive there from the airport as well.

You’ll find this casino by the looks, it’s a big building covered in glass panels. The name of the casino is also visible from afar.

Now, you won’t be going there in the morning, because it only opens at 6 pm. If you do go there, you better stay for the night or book a hotel in Swords to save money on the taxi to Dublin.

This casino is particularly great for table game players, as it has 13 tables.

Westbury Club

This casino is even farther away from Dublin, in a small town called Malahide. The casino itself stands on close to the waters of the bay so you can enjoy a stroll before beginning to gamble. There are some hotels in the area as well.

While Westbury Club does have slot machines, the main focus of the place is card games. The casino holds tournaments frequently, and the whole place is crowded with people who love poker on the weekends.

Fitzpatrick’s Casino

Fitzpatrick’s Casino, formerly 78 club, is a casino in the centre of Dublin. Since its rebranding, the image that you see from the street has changed a lot. If you ever walk down Augnier Street, you’ll be tempted to visit it because the bright red definitely draws attention on this otherwise grey street.

Fitzpatrick’s has a huge assortment of slot machines, including a roulette for eight people. It works 24/7, so you’ll be able to quench your thirst for gambling whenever you wish.

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