Brits Having A UK Holiday Trip for the Easter Weekend

VisitEngland’s Easter Trip Tracker survey shows that 6.5 million Brits are definitely planning an overnight holiday trip in the UK for the Easter weekend, bringing an estimated £1.8 billion boost to the economy.

A further 3.4 million people were undecided about whether to take an overnight holiday trip in the UK during the Easter weekend. The top reason was waiting to see if there were any special deals or offers, followed by waiting to see if they could afford it then waiting to see what the weather is like.

VisitEngland Chief Executive Patricia Yates said, “While it is good to see many of us are planning a holiday at home, it is clear from our research and feedback from destinations across England that concerns about the cost of living are having an impact.

“People are still keen to take a break however many are booking late, wanting to save on accommodation, activities and eating out and seeking good value options. Tourism businesses and destinations will be looking to the critical Easter weekend for much needed cash flow after the lean winter months and this highlights the ongoing challenges for industry with many still rebuilding from the pandemic. So please do go out and explore the amazing destinations and attractions here on our doorstep, tourism businesses will be very pleased to see you.”

Of those definitely planning an overnight trip in England during Easter, the majority were planning a short-break of one-to-three nights.

Last year’s Easter Trip Tracker saw 7.4 million Brits definitely planning an overnight holiday trip in the UK for the long weekend, which was on par with 2019 figures.

The latest wave of VisitEngland’s monthly domestic consumer sentiment research towards travel, published on 17 March, shows that a third of those surveyed, 33%, are more likely to choose a UK trip in the next six months than pre-pandemic with the top reason stated that ‘UK holidays are easier to plan’.

For information about what is on this Easter in England from eggs hunts with a twist to new experiences and foodie delights please see

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