Canada Invites Americans to Discover Their Parks

Canada, home to a tremendous amount of natural spaces, many of which are just a short drive from major cities, invites its neighbors to spend time in its National Parks with the Canada ℞efresh Program.

Canada is making it easier for Americans to take some time for themselves and experience the beauty and diversity of the National Parks across Canada thanks to the Canada ℞efresh Program, which includes:

  • Parks Canada Discovery Pass Giveaway*: Canada is giving away 4,000 year-long passes ($113 value) to Americans that include access to over 80 destinations across Canada’s diverse natural scenery.
  • Dream Nature Sabbatical*: One lucky American will receive a sabbatical worth $20,000 to see the power of parks in action. They’ll enjoy the beauty of Canada and soak in the mental health and wellness benefits it provides.

Dr. Melissa Lem, MD, CCFP, FCFP, and Director of PaRx, an initiative of the BC Parks Foundation, is a family physician in Vancouver, British Columbia, who has embraced the mounting evidence linking time spent in nature to health. She’s been informally advising natural outings to her patients for more than a decade and was a huge advocate for bringing the PaRx program in Canada to life.

“I’m excited that so many Americans will get to experience the incredible natural environment of Canada,” said Dr. Lem.

“Research demonstrates the wide-ranging health benefits of increased nature contact, and I am proud to support the Canada ℞efresh program in bringing a healthy and restorative experience to so many people.”

Canada ℞efresh comes as part of Destination Canada’s “Refresh Your View” campaign. The campaign puts Canada’s iconic destinations at the forefront, expanding American travelers’ knowledge of the wealth of experiences available in the regions surrounding these icons.

“We’re next-door neighbors—and we want to welcome back our American friends with access to places we know will lift their spirits and send them home with more than just a memory, with that good feeling you get after spending time at an old friends’ home,” said Gloria Loree, Senior Vice President, Marketing Strategy and Chief Marketing Officer, Destination Canada. “So yeah, we have the lush forests, endless coastlines, towering mountains and spectacular lakes—but we have more than that. We have the ability to help Americans refresh, connect with nature, and take the time to deepen their appreciation for the richness that exists within these beautiful spaces.”

Canada is home to 171 national historic sites, 47 national parks, five national marine conservation areas and one national urban park. Many of these protected places are managed in close collaboration and partnership with Indigenous Peoples. The stewardship of these protected places is a badge of honor that Canadians wear proudly.

“Canada is fortunate to have one of the largest networks of protected places in the world,” said Michael Nadler, Parks Canada’s Vice President, External Relations and Visitor Experience.

“Parks Canada is dedicated to protecting and sharing national parks, historic sites and marine conservation areas with Canadians and visitors from around the world and we welcome our neighbors from the United States to travel to these iconic destinations and visit in 2022 and every year.”

Americans interested in experiencing the refreshing properties of Canada can visit between July 6–July 31 to enter to win and learn more about Canada’s parks. Travelers can submit their name for a chance to receive a Parks Canada Discovery Pass or explain why they need a sabbatical in Canadian nature and how they would plan to spend that time. The more specific, the better! Must be 21+ and a US resident to enter or win.

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