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Canada – slick casinos, gorgeous landscapes

The word ‘Canada’ is congruous with ‘underrated’ as it is often categorized as being an ‘under-the-radar’ destination. And when one investigates as to why, one comes across features like ‘friendly people’, ‘stunning natural landscapes’ and ‘welcoming working holiday visa deals’ which make Canada’s unpopularity compared to other destinations as one great mystery.

Having said that, this element of unpopularity could be a good thing, but we’ll share with you some lovely Canadian gems we’ve picked up and decided to share with you in honour of the recent Canada Day!

Whether you are looking to explore the great outdoors or just check out the top live slots locations in Canada where you can check out the best games, offers, bonuses and be in with a chance of winning big time, or you just want to check out

A Country for Everyone

Canada is BIG. And it has it all. Its rich biodiversity means it is an incredible destination for hikers, wildlife enthusiasts, adventurers and extreme sports fanatics. Its top cities like Quebec and Montreal are oozing contemporary culture and leading the way with exciting happenings, and the whole country is at its peak with environment awareness. Something which really sets it apart. And of course, for the casino lovers, Canada’s casinos are an oasis amidst the great melange of city and wildlife that it has to offer!

Casino Hotspots

The casinos in Canada go beyond the slot machines and are packaged into elegant resorts. Whole families can benefit from these resorts so the parents can make a stop at one of these and enjoy the lavish casinos, luxury hotels and relaxing spas during their road trip across the pristine landscapes. A casino stop in Canada makes for a great holiday in itself even if it excludes the rest of the amazing things one can do while in this country.



Without jumping straight into the culinary staple that is the delicious maple syrup (fun fact on that- Quebec produces more than 70% of the world’s maple syrup. That’s a lot of leaves to choose from to make your own nature-inspired Canada flag!), Canada is fast-becoming a leading country for vegans and vegetarians. Progressive cities like Montreal have their own annual vegan festival draws in foodies and passionate vegans alike, and best of all has free entrance!


Seasons in Canada are nothing short of intense. Whatever the time of year or temperature, the visitor can feast their eyes on a vibrant display of colors and textures. Canada’s scale also contains a very varied climate, so those more inclined to choose for seasonal purpose are spoilt for choice no matter the time of year. This also applies for the seasonal sports lovers.

Let’s go/ c’est parti!

So, no matter what the traveler is looking to do, they can pick their passport and give the country a visit. They are sure to receive a warm welcome from a friendly country that never fails to dazzle with its gorgeous views, casino offers and delicious treats for all. Best of all, the traveler can indulge into the country’s many pleasures guilt-free, as Canada continues to lead the Americas in terms of environmental awareness and conservation.

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