Casino Tourism

Casino Tourism in the USA

Although the origin of gambling is unknown, it has become widely popular in almost every society today.

Common belief states that the Greeks and Romans of ancient times, as well as the French and English, practiced gambling, or some form of it. According to American history, the first gambling premises were referred to as saloons. New Orleans, Chicago, San Francisco, and St. Louis were the first cities to create the allure of gambling saloons. Travelers would often visit these establishments in search of people to interact with as well as gamble.

The Relationship Between Casinos and Tourism

Gambling was initially illegal in most American states except Nevada and later on, New Jersey. However, after seeing the positive impact of casinos on the tourism industry in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, other states started legalizing the trade. By the 1990s, about 25 states had legalized casinos, and spa venues emerged, luring many tourists to locations that were otherwise not considered “touristic.”

As time passed, the casino establishments in Las Vegas continued to grow and expand into glamorous and elite holiday destinations. At the onset of the 21st century, most hotels had expanded their room capacities and added on high-end culinary and shopping experiences for the never-ending flow of guests. With time, other states like New York, Illinois, Mississippi, among others, followed suit to enjoy the outstanding revenues. Today, the gambling industry has dramatically expanded to become one of the most significant revenue contributors in the USA.

What is Casino Tourism?

When tourists visit casino resorts or prominent gambling cities like Las Vegas and Atlantic City with specific intentions of gambling, this is known as casino tourism. Las Vegas remains to be America’s most substantial gambling capital to date. As a result, Nevada State attracts over 40 million tourists annually, raking in over 10 billion dollars gross from casino gaming revenue. While casinos alone cannot sustain the tourism industry, incorporating high-end entertainment facilities, among other amazing amenities within the resorts, marries well with the already lucrative casinos.

What are the Benefits of Casino Tourism to the Community?

From the onset, the gambling industry has been opposed by a high number of people. Although their concerns are not unwarranted, casino tourism has brought with it numerous benefits, some of which are listed below.

  • Boosting Tax Revenues

The most significant driving factor behind the legalization of casino businesses in most states is the incredible tax revenues generated by the establishments. Being a popular gambling destination, Las Vegas contributes $6 billion out of the $43.6 billion revenue collected in the US.

  • Creation of Employment Opportunities

Many businesses, whether large or small, benefit significantly from the gambling industry. For instance, Las Vegas has over 100,000 people working in the hotel industry and over 160,000 people working specifically in the gambling business. Mega casino establishments like MGM Grand employ a large number of people to provide different services. The presence of these casinos also generates secondary monetary gains to local bars and restaurants that are otherwise non-casino expenditures.

  • Enhancing the Tourism Industry

Although most people travel to Las Vegas to visit the casinos, they also end up splurging on food, drinks, shopping, entertainment, and accommodation. As a result, the tourist industry wholistically benefits from the presence of casino establishments. 

  • Entertainment

While there are several casino games you can indulge in, such as slots, blackjack, roulette, and poker, you don’t need to be a guru to play. Most games are built around themes relatable to the players, e.g., movie characters or sports. Tourists from all parts of the globe travel to casinos in USA with real money in hand to enjoy the fun. This inclusivity ensures that no one feels left out.

  • Boosting Value of Property

Owing to the growing popularity of Las Vegas, almost everyone who could afford it tried to purchase property there. The value of most properties has risen to nearly twice their worth, yet the demand has steadily increased.


Despite the hostility and condemnation that the casino industry has faced throughout its history, it has positively impacted the communities around. Whether directly or indirectly, the casino industry has created many job opportunities for people. Even businesses that are unrelated to casinos have significantly benefited from their existence.

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