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Disneyland’s Rising Costs in October 2023: What Visitors Need to Know

Prepare to dig a bit deeper into your pockets if you’re planning a visit to the magical realms of Disneyland in Anaheim, California, or Walt Disney World in Florida.

Both iconic resorts have announced ticket price adjustments, making the magic a tad more expensive for enthusiasts.

Fans of the beloved Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, brace yourselves. The cost of immersing in the enchanting world of Mickey Mouse and friends just got steeper. This isn’t the first time either. The recent price hike, effective from October 11, marks the anniversary of the previous year’s increase.

Disneyland Resort comprises two major attractions: the timeless Disneyland Park and its younger sibling, California Adventure Park. While the news might seem disheartening to many, there’s a silver lining. The cost for a single-day visit during Disneyland’s Tier 0 days (the least crowded days) remains unchanged at $104. However, other ticket prices have seen a noticeable jump.

Disneyland’s New Price Structure

Navigating Disneyland’s ticketing system can be as intricate as one of its fairy-tale mazes. Prices fluctuate based on several factors: the duration of your stay, the size and age composition of your group, your visit’s timing, and the add-ons you choose. Here’s a breakdown of the changes:

  • One-day, one-park tickets: Tier 0 remains at $104. Opting for a Tier 1 day? That’s now $119, up by $5. The price escalates to $194 for Tier 6 days, a jump from the earlier $179.

  • Multiday passes: These tickets don’t adhere to the tier system. Their cost is consistent, regardless of your chosen dates. The revised prices are:

    • Two-day ticket: $310 (was $285)
    • Three-day ticket: $390 (was $360)
    • Four-day ticket: $445 (was $395)
    • Five-day ticket: $480 (was $415)
  • Park Hoppers: These special tickets let you flit between Disneyland and California Adventure on the same day. The one-day Park Hopper remains at $65. However, the prices for extended days have increased:

    • Two-day add-on: $65 (was $60)
    • Three-day add-on: $70 (was $60)
    • Four-day add-on: $70 (was $60)
    • Five-day add-on: $75 (was $60)
  • Annual passes: Now termed Magic Key Passes, these are favorites among locals and frequent visitors. The revised prices are:

    • Imagine Magic Key: $499 (was $449)
    • Enchant Magic Key: $849 (was $699)
    • Believe Magic Key: $1,249 (was $1,099)
    • Inspire Magic Key: $1,649 (was $1,599)

Disney’s Genie+, the feature that lets you skip long lines, now costs $30 if bought in advance, up from $25. Parking fees have also increased: standard parking is $35 (was $30), and preferred parking is $55 (was $50).

Walt Disney World Resort’s Adjustments

On the same day, Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, a larger entity with four theme parks, also revised its prices. Annual pass prices surged by up to 10%. The premium Incredi-Pass now costs $1,449, a $50 increase. With taxes, it’s nearly $1,500. However, it offers unrestricted access and potential discounts on food and merchandise.

Parking at Disney World now costs $30, up from $25. But daily pass prices remain unchanged. Starting January 9, visitors can switch between parks anytime, a change from the current 2 p.m. restriction.

In conclusion, while the magic of Disneyland remains undiminished, the cost of experiencing it has certainly risen. Visitors are advised to plan their trips carefully to make the most of their budgets.

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