Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower Takes the Top Spot for European Tourist Scams

Paris is renowned for its iconic attractions, the Eiffel Tower, and Notre-Dame Cathedral, among others. However, recent data shows that these beloved spots are the most frequent scam sites in Europe.

The European Scam Index, compiled by travel insurance comparison experts at Quotezone.co.uk, highlighted these spots as areas where tourists are most likely to feel duped.

The process involved analyzing online reviews, with numerous visitors to these Parisian landmarks stating they’d fallen prey to scams, particularly fake ticketing schemes around the attractions.

In the findings, the Eiffel Tower stands out, registering 537 mentions related to scams in traveler reviews. This makes it the top European attraction where tourists face deceitful tactics the most. Complaints range from street tours that aren’t worth the money to promises of premium summit trips that never materialize. Further concerns are raised about the rampant pickpocketing scams at the base of the Tower.

In total, there were 748 mentions of scams related to France’s top five tourist attractions. This is a whopping eight times more than Spain, the European country ranking second in this dubious distinction. For a bit of perspective, the UK ranked sixth with only 37 mentions, while Austria secured the bottom spot with a mere 13 mentions.


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Greg Wilson, CEO of Quotezone.co.uk, expressed concerns, stating that these review complaints might only represent the tip of the iceberg. He emphasized the need for tourists to ensure that their purchases are legitimate and align with their expectations.

To help tourists, Quotezone.co.uk provided a list of the top 5 scams and how to sidestep them. Tips include doing proper research before visiting local restaurants, using licensed taxis, being cautious about storage lockers at transit stations, being wary of hustlers in crowded areas, and ensuring tickets for attractions are bought from secure and official websites.

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